Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is the process of skill development of the workforce in the industry of a country. In present day it has now been recognized as a powerful means for national development and for individual enhancement. This program facilitates for producing powerful human resource, system leaders, educators and planners. Vocational training on the other hand refers to low level education and training for preparing skilled and semi-skilled workers in various trades which is at par to general education.TVET uses the formal, informal and non-formal learning.

TVET learning is isolated with other education streams to reduce segmentation of education and training and addressing the institutional barriers out of which the policy makers of TVET came up with idea of hybridization with other education systems. In private sectors TVET providers include for profit and non-profit institutions. The private TVET providers were needed to be more responsive because of less beaureaucratic restrictions.The objective was financing TVET sytems by increasing contributions of beneficiaries including employers and trainees.TVET has the goal that the learning needs of all young people and adults are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes.Graduates of this program will explore and interpret the interplay among social institutions and rules and resources, work and occupation and TVET. They will be competent educators, innovators, leaders and managers of TVET instituitions/program. They will have proficiency in doing economic and financial analysis of work and occupations and TVET.

Be conversant with different theories, concepts and ideas that have been developed and see TVET processes in terms of theories and ideas.Become capable for in designing , carrying out,managing and evaluating research, carryout mentoring and professional development as well as understand, design, implement and monitor quality assurance process. Wide range of careers diversified from TVET providers in research institutions, government and developed organizations, business and industries, independent TVET researcher undertaking, mentoring and professional support have increased the scope of this program.

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    Your college life begins after completing your SEE exams. After passing the golden gate you have moved one step ahead in realizing your goals. Different doors open new paths infront of you. As your friend and mentor we suggest you that yes it is important to score good grades in high school and Plus2. But we want you to learn not just only to score but learn for retaining knowledge to achieve your higher aspirations. Seek out, explore because knowledge is flowing and it is not confined to one area; seek wisdom that can fulfill your life’s purpose.


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