YOUR COLLEGE BUCKETLIST: Things to do before graduation.

Get a bucket list and fulfil your dreams before graduation, here are some of the bucketlists which you can follow:

  •   Travel to a new Country
  •   Learn a new language
  •   Use the library
  •   Enroll in sports , play a match
  •   Learn to write your resume’
  •   Learn  to cook atleast one great meal
  •   Watch the sunrise and go for morning walks before kick starting your day at College
  •   Play music, dance, singing.
  •   Protect your interest about things that you passionately believe in.
  •   Don’t be late-be punctual
  •   Don’t interrupt while you are in classroom
  •   Have a right career plan
  •   Organize college event with friends
  •   Open a bank account and carry your debit card
  •   Visit your professors during office hours at least once each semester
  •   Take a fitness and meditation class at rec center
  •   Throw a surprise part for some one
  •   Pay your bills on time don’t procrastinate
  •   Apply for scholarships
  •   Improve public speaking skills
  •   Go vegan
  •   Learn how to change tires.

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