Home Learning: Making of the Winners


If you ask me what is the most precious commodity in the world? You may say Gold, but to me it is time.

As a University student, studying is the most crucial thing, we are preparing from the lectures given by the concerned Professors, doing assignments, project work and case studies and submit them to be evaluated by our instructors and let us know how we have fared. It is also yardstick for going through the final examinations. We think College life is so hectic as a student because each time we are working on those assignments and presenting them on the due date and making preparations for next day’s class knowing that falling underneath the borderline we are penalized. Copying others assignment is plagiarism and can lead to expulsion so we don’t think of going to that zone. If we are not studying at home then how can we be ready for those surprise quizzes that we stumble once in every two weeks? For us, eventually life in College is like adorning the knight’s armor in a battleground? Everyday our experiences are tested and our knowledge challenged to make the perfect us.

If you ask me, being familiar to those nuances, it is better that we give time at home and doing the preparations. You could always right down what needs to be done, prioritize your tasks in order, assign time frame for each task and follow it, use multitasking to improve your efficiency that way you avoid being sluggish. You can find more time to work on new ways of learning, you can trade off your time for something that is more important and demand immediate attention and response from you. Learning is just like the process of building a house. Just as in construction you are fed with building supplies, bricks, cement and glass it is up to you to assemble for building likewise in learning you listen to lectures, read books, take notes, group discuss to comprehend a subject. You aren’t fed with a complete picture so it is you who have to engineer to make most of all the resources and ace the exams. Home is a space where we can make learning more convenient and holistic.

You can use your study area and get into deep study with learning tools like metaphors, leaving no island such that every piece of information should connect with something else you have learned. Looking for patterns in information, use your PC open Microsoft Word and to deepen the study, start explaining subjects you are working with by creating mind maps. Don’t force your study around exam times. Instead try to slowly interlink ideas so that studying becomes a recap than a first attempt at learning. Learning is in your head so creating a reading culture, increasing number of books in your home boosts education. Watching educational videos, self-help CDs, working on multiple choice questions can also liven your study and making studying hours more rigorous but less strenuous. You can be on the classroom updated with your home assignments and knowledge about what teacher has told you yesterday and know firsthand information on what will be taught today. Being prepared means have the battle is won. Home learning is the key for a holistic education without anyone’s distractions. Making use of the time is a good idea in itself. Remember the construction we said earlier use the same rule while doing your home learning. By this you will definitely evolve as winners and never feel regrets that you didn’t work hard when you had the time.

This is one more golden path to success and a bright future.

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