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Geeta Aviation was established in 2012 with aim to guide promising candidates to the field of aviation. It offered training for men and women in pursuing their career as pilot and cabin crew for both domestic and international level from experienced and trained aviation trainers. In our short interview with Mr. Shashwot Karki gave us views on how students must be motivated for finding their own golden path.


Q) What are the golden paths for the students and how will planning help them achieve the right path?

Planning is important for students to meet with their desirable objectives. Students are identifying their interest and making a career so that they can grow in their field and make a name and living from it. Talking about me, I was interested in aviation since young age. I didn’t think that I had to be a cabin crew or a pilot. I was fascinated about helicopter. Right now, I am looking forward to work in domestic and international aircraft. All this was from planning and for students it is very important to get in their desired path. The Golden path is working well so that all your objectives can be fulfilled.


Q) How will a student benefit by learning the importance of failure so that they can achieve success from it?

Academics is very integral part of students. For e.g. by studying business I choose to make a career in business. It can bring professionalism. Failure is the pillar of success. Failure brings lots of challenges by working hard for turning failure into success, we can grow as a human being in a long term it is beneficial to know the value of being successful. It is a teacher for knowing every human being fails and it is normal but not to repeat is wisdom.


Q) How important is teacher’s evaluation? Can right counseling benefit the students?

Things have changed over the years in teaching methodology. I think teachers must be evaluated. A faculty can access teacher’s teaching style and know how they have done. If a student is dissatisfied with a teacher a real learning can’t take place. I did as a student; I gave feedbacks for bringing audio-visuals into their teaching when I was a student. Students are always exploring they have a vision but they need right counseling at right time. By giving guidance a student and a teacher can benefit to a great extent.


Q) What is important talent or hard work? How can a student make the right impression from their College life?

Most of people who know consider as diligent. Talent and hard work must go hand in hand. Students must do more research for strengthening their mind. Consult more with teachers, think outside the box think like entrepreneurs. Most successful people are where they need to be due to their hard work, experience and knowledge in their chosen fields. Students must be very presentable. You must believe in yourself and pursue your interest vigorously. Every one cannot be interested in football. Embrace smart learning and sharp thinking. Your impression will shine from your own efforts. It shows with time you don’t have to prove a point to anyone.

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