The Upanishads and Vedas has mentioned" Manoniyantram" which means mind control is an important facet for booking success and happiness in life.Modern life is full of stress every step a man is unsure of himself and the anxiety turns into greif. Manoniyantrana tantras are powerful and magical mantras to lead mankind into happy and successful life that makes him contended. Sage Kapila said," The world exists in our mind". According to him Universe is phenomenal consisting of three factors knowledge, perception and sensations. The perceptible material world is nothing but the creation of our mind.It exists only in our mind called "Manoprapancha". Highly intelligent person are not necessarily creative, high Intelligent Quotient may hinder creative ability due to self criticism. Creativity comes out of inner harmony and orderlyness. A living organism is self organizing system.Real happiness is enjoyed by those whose mind is free. J.H.Holland said three types of personalities are useful in workplace the conventional type that is methodical, conscentious, confirming such are suited to jobs like receptionist and accountants.Second is the social type who enjoy mixing they are very good teachers, counsellors, therapist, management consultants.The third is the investigative type they are analytical, complex, curious and precise.Forth are artistic personality original and non confirming. Next are realistic who are down to earth, natural and genuine.last is enterprising who are pro active, outgoing and infuse confidence in others.In the emotional intelligence sphere the spiritual quotient is very important aspect. The more we devote in God the more we receive from the divine.Meditation is the highest route to spiritual knowledge.Bhagavad gita put" the soul of man is beyond all mortal afflictions, no one is ever able to destroy that immutable.The enlightened faith is realization of awareness of truth or reality.Spiritually mind as a vibration exist outside as well as within the physical body.It is so subtle that it can become a matter or energy. We think by taking this principle and moving ahead in live one can never go wrong or scumb to anxiety, stress, depression and live a happy prosperous life of Sat, Chit Ananda." Truth Consciousness Bliss".


Mantras for successful life:

Follow your passions – Passions are a gift.  They are a source of energy.  They light up your life and bring joy and vitality.  They are also the foundation for excellence.  If you do what you enjoy doing, you will do it well.  So, follow your passions and you would have begun your life journey well.   However, we often hesitate to follow our passions because of fears.  Please let go of your fears, take more risks and do follow your passions.  Even if you fail, it will not be a catastrophe. You will be able to recover and get going again very quickly. The experience you will gain from it will be invaluable. Some people in leadership positions believe that their experience gave them a valuable lesson for attaining success in life.


  Keep moving ahead in search of excellence – Your passions will strengthen with excellent skills or competence. However, achieving excellence requires hard work, patience and discipline.  You look at any successful person you will find they have some distinctive competence and for that they have worked hard to build it.  The churning of events and experiencewill bring you a heightened focus to overcome short-terms pains and distractions, and be fully commited to your mission.  Fruits of labor have an impeccable mark on human’s id.Be proactive and take responsibility – As mentioned above there are some people with personality that are proactive and enterprising. In organization or in the society at large, you would see many problems that can create a sense of helplessness about the “system”.  A leader is proactive and takes ownership of the problems around you.  Don’t let the problems weigh you down.  Just be positive and focus on your Karma.   There are limits to human action and you have to accept some situations.  However, the power of individual action and influence is lot more than what we realize.


 Focus on giving not getting – If you think only about “what is in it for me”. You will be bogged down with dissatisfaction and frustrations that will narrow down mind's perspective.  Letting go of self bound thoughts and seek to give will add value to people and situations around you.  Focus on “We” not “I”.  Truly, letting go of obsession with what you are getting and focusing on what you are giving can work wonders.

Build lasting relationships – We all are a part of relations that exist with our elders in the scoiety. Not only inside the family but outside also there is a tremendous value for relationships.  People respond more to trust and emotions than to knowledge and logic. The conscious mind realizes that relationships are not just about a means to an end.  They are an end in themselves.  Man is a social animal.  We crave for trust and togetherness.  Deep relationships based on trust and care will bring joy and warmth to life making it more meaningful.  They are your assets think about making them exponential in life. 


Staying humble and true to your values – Moral fibre is the strongest pillar for a successful human being. It is based on ethics, integrity, honesty and trust. Always stay humble, grounded, natural and spontaneous.  It will help you connect with people and earn you their love & respect.  It will also help you avoid making big mistakes. If you have a clear conscience and it is ensured that you can always hold your head high.  This is critical like the glass mirror once broken can never be repaired.  All your great work can be undone in a single moment of indiscretion.


 Keep balance and pursue interests beyond work – We encourage you to find a balance in your life.  Life is not a sprint; whoever races to the finishing line first gets the championship cup. By sustaining for the long cultivate interests and passions that keep you going in life.  They will give you a fresh and deeper perspective on life.  They will also recharge and rejuvenate you and ensure that you.  You are not living just for you but your family, children whom you have to take responsibility. The more you reach higher the more responsbilities you are given and more duties you have to perform. So, living for the moment will dispel your commitment to many areas which also have a priority in your life.


In business," action speaks louder than the words" & “Attitude is everything”!

We all are in some occupation for making a living. Most of us are full of ideas but we rarely put in practice. Action is putting thoughts in motion when you start rolling you will be seen for what you are than what others think you are in their minds. To dispell the myth and to see all duties are accomplished you need to get rolling. Go there and do it! Our attitude shapes our beileves and behaviors. How you react and express to others will measure how long can you thrive. You must not be someone who have full determination and strong will but execute it with a grain of salt. One way of shaping right attitude is to have trust in the process of life. Have a motto that says" I allow and I trust".


QUOTE OF THE MONTH,“The positive thinker, sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible".

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