Be Fuchhey at Fuchhey Restaurant

Be Fuchhey at Fuchhey Restaurant

What’s the best part of dining out? Obviously, you don't have to prepare anything, you don't have to clean anything up, and it usually tastes great, especially if you order your favorite dish off the menu. Started by renowned musician, vocalist of ‘The Shadows band’, Swapnil Sharma, ‘Fuchhey’ is a new brand in town with new vision in the world of food. Located at Nepal Share Market, Putalisadak, Fuchhey restaurant has been established with a new concept and extravagant architecture. 

“Customers these days are choosy. After long exhausting day they want food to refresh their mood. But if you see, it’s very hard to find a best place to eat in Putalisadak area. Same thing happened to me before. I went through the perception of people walking in this street and apparently, I came up with the idea of food joint and to add more fun to it, I attached the concept of childhood to it.” 

As soon as you enter ‘Fuchhey’ premise, it feels unique. It attempts to create that environment where people can eat and go back nostalgia. This place could be your best bet.

“Childhood days were the most precious and memorable days of our life, when we used to be in papa’s arms, when we used to play childhood games. I tried to bring back those old times with the company of delicious foods. I believe this an exceptional concept in town”.

Mouthwatering cuisine and hygienic display makes you feel exotic. You can notice the concept of food engineering. If you’re a foodie, fuchhey serves you a better-quality food that varies from traditional dish to international cuisine.

“I was a normal official for couple of years, but that never satisfied me. Thereafter, I dreamt of having my own business but it was never an easy task. After years of struggle, I’m living my dream now. I am the owner of different four ventures in town. I believe if anyone wants to achieve something big in life, he/she should work on their dream.”

“Fuchhey Restaurant is still in the starting phase. We haven’t officially inaugurated the restaurant yet so there are lots of things in the ‘to do list’.We will soon introduce different children games like ‘ludo’, and ‘Guleli’ and we will add other games in coming days. We will try to establish ‘Fucchey’ as a unique brand and a best place to eat in town.”  

As a message to all the aspiring young entrepreneurs, Sharma says, “Dare to dream. Nothing is impossible if you work hard. Think big, think different. I am working 15-16 hours a day to accomplish long list of my dream.  Keep passion and move positively. Success will chase you.”


Note: The article is based on the interview with Swapnil Sharma. 

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