ILLYs UNIVERSITA del CAFFE launched in Nepal

Università del caffè (University Of Coffee) on Monday, November 6, 2017 opened its new branch at Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management (SMSH) Lainchour, Kathmandu. His Excellency Mr. Yves Carmona, ambassador to French Republic, Honorary Italian Consulate to Nepal, Mrs. Pratima Pande; Dean of University of Coffee, Mr. Maurizio Crotta with his team and Mr. Samir Thapa, chairman and principal of SMSH inaugurated the ceremony. Other VVIP’s from hospitality industry, media and coffee lovers were present on the occasion. The UDC center is one of its kinds in Nepal where coffee learning courses are in par excellence and recognized in more than 127 countries of the world.

The Università Del caffè is the only coffee university in the world. Università Del caffè (the University of Coffee) which was first opened in, Italy in 1999. Today there are more than 27 branches worldwide; each is a center of coffee excellence promoting the latest coffee research and understanding from bean to cup. Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Nepal is the 28th branch of UDC.

The Università del caffè focuses on teaching producers of coffee on the most environmental methods of coffee production, for hospitality professionals' coursework encompasses intensive, hands-on training on coffee preparation and menu development and practical ways to enhance the customer experience and also for coffee lovers a curriculum developed for consumers for an appreciation for the taste and aroma of fine, premium-quality coffee. We are honored to have them open their branch at Silver Mountain and looking forward to be the premier center for coffee education in Nepal.

For further information please contact Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Lainchour, Kathmandu.

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