Parents Taste Buds

In a family, usually the elders look after the young. They make 3 course meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Taste is never compromised because they have been the experts in the kitchen. When we are given our turn to cook, we realize that we are way behind from these experts because this has been their years and years of practice and service; to provide wholesome food for each and every family member. We like to go out and home cooked food is not sufficient for our taste buds. So, we visit restaurants, fast food chains and gorge into different cuisines. Local food like momos, chopsuey, pizzas, and pastas are some of our all-time favorites. Cafes and shops have flourished because we have increased our habits of eating out and paying hefty price. Have we noticed if we take this food for our parents they don’t like to have it? They would keep it in refrigerator and tell us have it the next day. Normally, parents after having reached an age get tired of spicy or tangy food instead prefer a warm home cooked meal because of their health and also because they want to have something which they missed for a long time. Earlier, they relished the delicacies which we enjoy now at our age. Due to health issues they have switched to something more sensible than experimenting with taste buds.

As their children it is our responsibility to make sure that we look after our parents and give them food that nourish their health at older period and give them back the taste they have missed over the years. These foods may not be compulsory on diet plan for the daily consumption but we could treat our Parents once in a while to let them know we love them and we care about their preference. Normally I would stick to the basics of comfort food because not only they are healthy and nutritious but also appropriate for elders of our family. You don’t have to spend heavily on food items rather you can make your own special treats and serve.

Some food items that your Parent’s won’t mind having if you provide on certain occasions:


Bhaktapur Yogurt (Juju Dhau):

This is the oldest and traditional custom made dessert of Nepal. It is a custom made sweetened custard-like yogurt that comes from Bhaktapur, Nepal. It uses fresh buffalo milk and the name literally means king of yogurt. It is used during religious fasting, wedding. Parents have always liked Juju Dhau even when we were at our childhood. It is a cult and you can reprise this sweet delicacy by treating your parents once more. Avoid consumption during cold seasons.


Kiwis and Passion Fruits:

Apples, oranges, guavas, mangoes, bananas, grapes are some of common fruits which most of us consume throughout a year. You can slightly modify the taste buds by giving Kiwis to your parents. They are fibrous, soft, sweet and juicy fruit with a unique flavor. It is also called Chinese gooseberry. It is rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin E. Passion Fruits is a source of carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin C, iron. It can be squeezed to make a juice. It contains antioxidants that can protect from causing cancer and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.



Let’s not forget our parents have a sweet tooth also. Once in a while they want to have cakes. It is enjoyed my many all around the world. You don’t have to wait for a birthday. Cakes that are low in fat can be consumed. Make sure you monitor the sugar levels. But give them to your parents to make them happy.



Porridges are not only healthy but now they are available in different flavors and are also available sugar free. Mix with hot milk and water stir and wait for few minutes till the mixture is dissolved serve them with fruits of your choice. You can also treat with khuwa (khoya) based sweets, marmalades and preservatives, nuts because they are not only delicious but healthy treats for your parents.

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