Nepal has become a hub of some of the famous lip smacking and mouth watering foods. With growing trend of shopping malls, restaurants, food vendors there are different taste of foods being introduced to the taste buds of localities in Nepal. People are seen crowded infront of ice cream vendors, bakery, cafes, pubs and vendors that sell fast foods which necessarily have not been born in Nepal. Apart from savoury Indian snacks, pizzas, wontons, pot pies, KFC another popular Tibetian cuisine have found a place in the heartsof Nepali food lovers. This Tibetan dish has travelled from Northern Nepal and has caught to Nepali locals as well. It is sold in eateries at hot spots like Boudhha, City Center and now a delicacy in local shops of Nepal. Lhaphing, a noodle like dish seasoned with spices is made from starches extracted either from Potato or flour. It is cooked overnight.  Once settled they are cut and formed into noodlesbefore dunked in a sauce made of dried chillies and vinegar. This dish has a blend of spices like garlic, cloves, onions, coriander with a heavy dose of sesame oil. It is light and spicy and makes as a social food also. Lhaphing is traditionally a summer food.


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