Utopia Restaurant - A Heavenly Place For The Food Lovers

Are you tired of eating same old food? Do you want a wonderful place to hang out with your friends and family? Then get ready to experience some exotic foods and a fresh ambiance at Utopia Restaurant. ‘Utopia’, the name itself says it all; a heavenly place for food lovers, Utopia has come up as a new breath of air. Located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Utopia has been attracting a good number of customers since the beginning.

Chhedup Pakhrin, the co-owner of the extravagant restaurant expressed his joy, “Probably the most notable accomplishment was the opening of my restaurant. What made it notable for me was the time it took for me to decide to start the restaurant. I dared to convert the concept into reality and within a year this restaurant has come under top 20 restaurants in Lalitpur and hopefully in the second year we would be under top 10 in Nepal.”

The restaurant offers various authentic Nepali, Italian and Continental food at an affordable price says Mr. Chhedup and he has revealed the secret behind the rush of the customers in his restaurant.

“I believe one customer has the ability to change the status of a company. If an unhappy customer writes a review regarding his dissatisfaction on Tripadvisor, the review will reach millions and millions of other potential customers. So we want our customers to find happiness in our food and service. We want them to have a new experience every time they visit us through our dishes, loyalty cards, events, and much more.”

Some of the mouth-watering cuisines of Utopia are Pork Chop, Seafood Spaghetti, Seafood timbale, Chicken Florentine, Skewered mushroom and vegetables that you must try the next time you go there and refreshing live music will uplift the surrounding.

“Our restaurant is affordable but not for all. We have targeted a niche market; a certain age group with a certain expensing limit. An average student can certainly afford it; as for Rs. 1000, two students can have a quality meal which they would definitely want to have next time, great service which they will never forget and the ambiance, they would find nowhere.”

The noteworthy part of this restaurant is that the restaurant tries to make the moment of their customers precious, memorable and enjoyable. Customers can pre-inform about the occasion like birthday and anniversary and the restaurant will pull off an amazing setup, food, service and ambiance that you can only wish for.

“People should visit our place as we don’t focus on consistency, rather we focus on doing better every day which keeps us pumped up and motivated every time in terms of food quality, service and the experience which is delighting. For example, we do special decoration for groups if they are celebrating, customized menu option, private meeting rooms. Our specialty is the place in itself, as the name is Utopia; the perfect happy place that’s the idea we try to keep up every day.”

For now, the restaurant doesn’t have any branch inside or outside the valley but Mr. Pakhrin said he hopes to extend some new venture in Butwal or Chitwan in near future.

Note: The article is based on the interview taken with the Co-owner and MD of Utopia Restaurant, Mr. Chhedup Pakhrin.

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