Bad habit of students during exam time

Feeling burdened and tensed is very common during exam time. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, we can lessen by organizing things in a proper way and taking a right path. However, a lot of students seems to indulge themselves in activities that just swollen the problem. Here we have listed dos and don’ts during exam time:

Caffeine Craze:

Do’s: Grab a cup of coffee or red bull that can do magic at sharpening your thinking and make you feel energetic.

Don’t: Make sure you don’t drink more. Drinking more of it can leave you unfocused, wobbly, jittery and ill mess. Intake of excessive caffeine is bad for your health and affects your sleep pattern too.

Study in their bedroom:

At the first look your room seems cozy and accessible where you are comfortable and can do things on your own way but it can be a major factor for distraction too.

Do’s: If you want to focus on your study wholly, study room is the best option you have or you can opt for library.

Don’t: Though bedroom feels cozy, stay away from it. In your bedroom, there will be lots of distraction.

Staying up late:

If not every, most of the students are prone to this misconception that staying up whole night studying helps them do better in exam. Though all-nighters seem like a best bet, it’s going to affect your entire day. It will be difficult to focus and stay awake the following day. In the place of increasing your productivity, it will decrease it.

Do’s: Study since the first day of college. Exam day is just for revise.

Don’t: Waking up whole night will do no good so sleep on time. Instead wake up early in the morning and revise once.


This is the most common trait of every student. Though, it helps you to some extent, it is hardly an effective method of learning for exams. Knowledge retention requires brainpower, energy and time which is not possible with overloaded information. So, stop cramming right before exam and start preparing from the start of the semester.

Do’s: Make habit of taking notes and read it in continuous manner.  Rewrite what you have read, this will help you to memorize more easily.

Don’t:  Last minute cramming will overload you with information. So, never put off studying until the last minute.

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