Can We Really Increase Our Height

Before we get into how can we increase our height? It is important to know about how our body grows naturally. Our height is defined by our genetics. The genes of our Parents will determine how tall we can be? Our pituitary gland secretes HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and it is responsible for muscle and bone growth, metabolism or fat and body composition. At puberty, most people have growth spurts that start at age of 12 and 13 and continue for five to six years. Some continue to grow after this which is an exception. Height is associated to personality usually as attractiveness and prestige. Tall people are associated to power like CEO’s. Once your growth plates have closed, your height remains the same. You can’t know how tall you’ll be until you reach full physical adulthood in your mid-twenties. Height is a polygenic trait which means that it is influenced by several different genes. Having two short parents doesn’t mean that you’ll be short and having two tall parents won’t make you a towering giant.


What you need to enhance your height?


Get Proper Nutrition:

A well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, protein and carbohydrates. Food is the fuel for the body to grow. Milk, lean meats, leafy vegetables, nuts should be part of your diet. The right fuel helps to improve the functioning of all your systems. Increased circulation, higher metabolic rates, stronger and longer bones are by-products of eating right. Vitamin D helps the bone absorb calcium that is directly responsible for bone growth and strength. Salmon and tuna are two types of fish rich in Vitamin D. Soya beans, chicken, eggs, oatmeal, grains are some of healthy foods.


Exercise Regularly:

Regular exercise is the best way to increase your height after 18 years old. You need a pair of running shoes, a swimming pool membership or sports of your choice. Jumping, running or other aerobic activities will result in longer and stronger bones. Exercises stimulate nerves associated with pituitary gland. It helps to secrete more human growth hormones HGH and lead to increase in height even after typical growth ages.


Get Adequate Sleep:

Our bodies are functioning even as we sleep. Children grow the most in their sleep. Sound sleep of 8 hours is advised. Your sleeping posture is also pivotal. Lie down on your back without a pillow. Elevate your knees by placing small pillow under them. It will be beneficial to the spine. It helps to stretch out the disks in your back. It will help to increase your height and reduce back pain. Body grows and regenerates tissues while you’re at rest. Eliminate loud noise and unnecessary lights. If you have trouble sleeping take warm bath or drink hot cup of chamomile tea before bed.


Avoid Growth Inhibitors:

Regular consumption of alcohol has been found to inhibit growth and affect body’s natural functioning. Smoking increases presence of carbon monoxide in your blood stream. It limits the flow of blood and nutrients to the areas that are growing, thus stunting their growth. It results in lower production of testosterone an anabolic hormone related to muscle and bone growth. Avoid using steroids.


Practice Yoga Posture:

Always stand or sit upright. An ideal posture is an upright position with our shoulders back and a slight curve in our lower spine. Correcting slouched posture will help in improving a person’s height. We need enough space to stretch out for fifteen minutes every morning. Yoga poses like the Surya Namaskar can sufficiently stretch your body.


Go out in the Sun:

You need a pair of running shoes, a park or an outdoor area. Go for walk or jog in the sun. Sunlight is the easiest way of absorbing Vitamin D that helps your body absorb calcium in the bones. The more sunlight you absorb better it is for overall bone strength.


Do Hanging Exercise:

A rod or ledge capable of holding your weight. It stretches your lower back and adds muscle. The knock on effects is better posture and an increase in muscle mass between the vertebrae.


Hence, these are some of natural, safe methods for boosting extra inches of your height naturally. Remember height is just your outward appearance.

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