Stressful Events Can Age The Brain

Stressful events like break up, divorce, the death of near ones or being fired can age the brain by up to four years, say researchers. The study shows the people who have been through more stressful events will have poorer cognitive functioning in the later life. Cognitive functioning encompasses attention, memory, reasoning, and language.

Another report suggests, Stress can impede immune functioning and develop the protein ‘plagues’ in the brain, both of which can help Alzheimer’s development.

Reportedly, the stressful experience leaves an impact on brain function which might lead to dementia in the long-term. However, the direct link between the stress and increased risk of dementia is yet to be explained.

However, according to research carried out in 2015, the future brain health is more affected by the way people perceive the stress than the actual event itself. Thus, one can reduce the stress through yoga and meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy or even by a sound sleep.

Tips for reducing the risk of dementia
• Stay active for at least thirty minutes every day
• Include vegetables, fruit, and fish in your diet. Lower the consumption of sugar and red meat.
• Don’t smoke.
• Lower the consumption of alcohol moreover intakes up to fourteen units only per week.
• Take care of blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.
• Maintain weight to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
• Be socially active and make a good social network.

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