Afternoon Nap

Napping at day time is good or bad for health has always been a subject of debate. Some says napping at day is beneficial for health and some say enjoying this luxury can actually riot your health. Nodding off midday is believed to improve your mood, memory and even lower your blood pressure but you may not know that the nap lasting more than forty minutes can actually deteriorate your health. Understanding the pros and cons of daytime nap is very important. Lots of researches have been done in this matter.

Let’s sneak into the upside and downside of the afternoon nap:

Rejuvenate and balance out insufficient night sleep:

Research says that sleeping at daytime can actually make up for the bad night sleep. It is recommended for those who do not get enough sleep at the night time. Moreover, nap during the daytime will rejuvenate your energy and help lighten your mood. It also increases your memory.

Excessive nap can hurt your health  

It’s not just a matter of opinion; a proper scientific research has been done which says sleeping over forty minutes at daytime can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome. It raises cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and fat around the waist which raises the risk of heart disease. Scientist have warned that sleeping at daytime increase the risk of premature death, same goes with the people who feel excessively tired. So, next time when you indulge yourself into the daytime sleep, don’t forget to set an alarm.


Afternoon nap has its own list of benefits but don’t forget its downsides too. Time your nap carefully and keep it brief; thirty-minute is recommended. Though midday sleep is good for most of the people, those who are suffering from insomnia and depression should avoid it completely.

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