I have a problem with periods

Ever since I started having periods, I’m having issues with it. What’s period? It’s just the discharge of blood through uterus and it lasts for 4 or 5 days. But this ‘society’ is not willing to accept it so I have a problem with periods.

The first time that I felt I have an issue with periods was when I was in grade 10. I went to my 'Mama
ghar' on some kind of occasion. My maternal aunt restricted me from entering the kitchen. ‘You are impure. Don’t enter the kitchen.’ These were her words. She thought she had right to tell me what to do, where to sit, how to sit, which room to go, which room not to go, whether I’m feeling weak,  whether I’m feeling strong enough to go out, she made all the decisions for me. I felt as if I'm being imprisoned. So I have issues with that.

Another issue I have with periods is people have a problem if I have stain on my dress. It’s a shame for people to see a red stain on my dress. If I’m drinking juice and I mistakenly pour it in my dress, it’s normal. But if it’s a period stain on my dress suddenly people have big eyes and they start whispering in my ears ‘You have a stain on your clothes, go change it immediately.’

One time my friend whispered 'There's a period stain on your dress. You should change it. Don't worry, till you reach home, I'll be right behind you to hide it.' When I said it's OK and is not a big deal in my normal voice, then she whispered ‘Why are you talking out loud?’ I have to have hush-hush tone, and I have a problem with this.

Another issue that I have is everytime I go to pharmacy to buy sanitary napkins, they wrap it in a paper and give it to me in a plastic. Did I ask for black money that he’s giving it to me like this? Is it some kind of weapon that people will be scared if they see it? What dangerous product is it that it shouldn’t be seen by the people? We have to hide it, and I have a problem with this.

Another issue that I have is with people, especially men. If I’m arguing or I’m putting my words in a strong tempo, they say ‘Are you on your periods?’ You mean women on their periods can only get angry? Not because you could be an idiot? Categorizing us women with periods, I have a problem with that.

These are the issues that I have with the periods. These restrictions and discriminations are invented by people, the so called ‘society’. Yes, it’s painful but that makes me strong every month. It’s the most beautiful blessing or say power the god gave to the women to conceive and to reproduce. These 4 5 days I want to feel strong, feel unstoppable and feel that I have the freedom to choose whether I want to sleep in my room or whether I want to conquer a mountain.

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