From the Academician - Prof. Dr. Bhoj Raj Aryal

Q) Tell us how did you enter in the field of marketing and advertising?

I studied B.Com with majors in marketing. I did MBA and again I specialized in marketing. I was interested in this field since I was a graduate student. While doing MBA it was mandatory to write the thesis, so while deciding on selecting a subject I chose to write about advertising. I love creativity.Advertising is a creative field. So I did my PhD in “Advertising field in Nepal”.I have been in teaching profession and I teach Marketing at Central department of Management, Tribhuvan University.

Q) What is marketing how important is it for business and what are the career opportunities in marketing?

Marketing is creative means of promoting product and services. It also involves communicating, delivering goods and services. Identifying what products is required in the market and communicating and delivering them in the market is general concept of marketing. Marketing sector is not looked up positively in our Country which is ironic. Corporate houses are not organized and that is why they have not made marketing organized by assigning different departments like marketing divison, procurement division, production divison then marketing can be effective. But it has been found that they have only one sales department and monitoring sales for cutting down cost which is an ineffective way of doing marketing. Worldwide the sector that has more opportunities is marketing sector.

Q) Why do companies spend so much on advertising? Is it essential for companies to advertise about their brand, products and services?

Advertising helps to reinforce brands, product and services so it is very important for companies. In the competitive world without advertisment no products can survive. So advertising has grown over the years in both cost and value. The audience has also grown. Each commodity must be advertised and in Nepal we have found these symptoms.

Q) What careers are there in advertising? How much is spend on advertisement by small, medium and large enterprizes in Nepal?

In Nepal we don’t see much of designers for advertisements. We hire creative people from Bangladesh and India. In Nepal small, medium and large enterprises if they make an advertisement they will run the same ad for more than a year. If you circulate the same ad without reinventing but the fact is every companies must make ads targeting the customers and invest to come up with creative ads instead of using same advertisement again and again.

Q) There is a myth that advertising is a glamorous, fun filled and an easy career where everyone can make a fortune? What is it in reality?

We cannot curve this issue because those people who are creatively involved in designing ads. is also part of glamour world. It is a place to enjoy, if someone is seen in an advertisement he/she is also known as celibrity. They are well known and established with the audience and earn name and fame. It is a fact, I agree to it.


Q) What are the chances of success and failure in marketing and advertising business?

Any kind of business has the chances of failure. Many industries and business don’t last for long and have to be shut down. For.e.g out of 1000 companies only 100 companies survives the competition while 900 close in a mere 2 years period as shown by the researcher’s investigation. Even though chances of failures are there still there is a tremendous scope in the field of marketing and advertising.

Q) What is your favourite campaign till now? Why?

In the 2070 Constituent assembly election, at that time Election Commission asked me to make a campaign for them regarding casting the votes. It was a social campaign. I had television artists make them talk about casting votes from every nooks and corner of the country. I was incharge of making that advertisement and it was effective also. That is my favourite campaign so far.

Q) What qualities are needed to be successful in this field?

Smart intelligence must be there in people who are looking after marketing and advertising.  Any profession must have continuity and in this field you need to have lot of patience and hardwork. Many people blindly follow other’s business without making adequate research but that is entirely wrong practice. The products must be made as per market demand,market watch and survey can help to book success.

Q) What are the major trends in advertising today? What kind of publicity helps in growth of business?

People have been attracted more with electronic media than the traditional media.  Most of the ads are run on social media. If we use manpower that can place design and put the relevant information about the product for accessibility to people online then only we can be successful. The business of gazettes and newspapers has been ousted by the advertisements placed online. We can put in this way the trends have gone in favor of digital marketing. In the internet there is Search Engine Optimization that puts the best ads on first list while clicking the search engine button. If that can be done it is well enough, the publicity is also done according to type of product. If it has high value it can be put in exhibition. Mass and FMCG product is popular in television ads. Banks and technology based companies are advertising in social media. The publicity vehicle is divided according to needs and usage of products.

Q) Has the advertising companies earned sufficient revenue in Nepal? What do you think?

No I don’t think so. There is a cut throat competition. May be with decrease in load shedding and permanence of government new industries will be established as most of the industries earlier opened and closed their business due to intense competition. If we advertise then only we can earn the revenue. The trend can move ahead subsequently than before.



Q) Your message to youths who want to make a career in marketing and advertising?

Marketing and advertising is important for any sector.Be it physical product, service product or social media sector. If the youths today learn about marketing and advertising the future is bright so I encourage them to join this sector.

Prof. Dr.Bhoj Raj Aryal      

Deputy Director

School of Management                                                                                          

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur                                  


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