Miss Nepal World - 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada



Q) What difference have you found before and after Miss Nepal pageant? How do you feel after being Miss Nepal?

I am the same person. The only difference is now there are more responsibilites. I have the crown of Miss Nepal on my head. I am not only the daughter of my home but of my Country also. Otherwise I am a normal girl having a regular life I feel excited because people have started to recognize me.

Q) Tell us about your journey in Miss Nepal?

Miss Nepal was my dream since childhood. I would think it was about glitz and glam but now it is far more significant than that. I realized that we all have a purpose in our life. For me it was to inspire people. I felt that I had positivity in me and that is what our Country needs. I want to stand tall and a sought after person Miss Nepal was the best platform for it. I could be as a role model for so many people out there and that became my journey to Miss Nepal pageant.

Q) What changes did you find in yourself during the grooming process for Miss Nepal pageant?

Grooming means mental, physical, personal and intellectual grooming. Mrs Rachna Gurung Sharma groomed us professionally. Intellectual people from every field economic, political and social came and taught us about different facets and increased our knowledge. We were taught about presenting ourself, communicating and public speaking skills. It makes a big transformation within us. No other training could have matched the diversity of training even in Miss World or Miss Universe contest.So that is how we changed and transformed.

Q) How were you feeling in the crowning moment?

I was nervous and emotional before the show started. After top 7 rounds ended and we were at backstage friends were congratulating me and saying I will be there in top 4. When the name of titles like Miss Nepal Earth, Miss Nepal Universe, Miss Nepal international were announced there was only one title left.I was confident that my name will be announced next. For me it was a moment of accomplishment rather than emotional. I had it in my mind all the time and reality was no less, I fulfilled my dream.

Q) What will be your contribution to society and our nation?

The biggest transformation we get as individuals is our voice gets the power, credibility and validation.As a normal girl my voice will be limited to my social circle only. After Miss Nepal my voice gets validated I can and I can bring out issues that need to be talk about of any field. I want to bring awareness and issues that can address to our nation and this is platform after crowned Miss Nepal.

Q) How will you prepare for international pageant? How confident are you?

 For international pageant we need to have everything t is not about brains and beauty you must have the qualities that stands out. Since I am representing Miss Nepal world my mission is talkking about “Beauty with purpose”. My focus will revolve around enhancing and upbringing the motive behind this issue. If I win this Nepal will ultimately qualify for top ten and that will be a good representation of Nepal. If we can reach top 5 things will even go better.

Q) Your message for Nepalese brother and sister for New Year 2075 B.S.?

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2075. Our country is definetly moving forward in the right path. I strongly believe 2075 is going to be wonderful for all Nepalese people. We are going to develop and reach new heights in every field. Nepal will be a very happy country just have positive attitude.

Q) Your New Year resolution?

This year it will be definitely winning the Miss World. Making my beauty with purpose project successful. If that is accomplished I can help thousand of individuals. I want to stay the way I am as I have learned a lot in past seven months.

Q) What are you planning for mother’s day?

 This mother’s day I am really looking forward to meeting my mother as she had gone out of the country in coming mother’s day. My gift is the crown that I won in Miss Nepal pageant.

Q) My favourites are?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Norah Jones, colour yellow, dressing for winter, Pokhara.


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