Q) What difference have you found before and after Miss Nepal pageant? How do you feel after being Miss Nepal?

I was living an average life before Miss Nepal. But after Miss Nepal we need to be more aware. Life has changed people know you now. I am very happy winning the Miss Nepal earth title. I am more responsible as I am not only daughter of my Parents but also of my country and it make me feel proud.

Q) Tell us about your journey in Miss Nepal?

I fantasized about it during my childhood days. Miss Nepal happened to me not now but a long time ago. After completing Bachelor in Development studies I participated in Miss Nepal, the journey was like rollercoaster ride there were hard times to amazing experiences but overall I was learning every time and I feel blessed that I was part of Miss Nepal 2018.

Q) What changes did you find in yourself during the grooming process for Miss Nepal pageant?

Life is non-stop learning. These seven weeks gave me a self reflection. Miss Nepal sharpened me and made me do muti tasking and taught the lesson of time management which I didn’t do much before.

Q) How were you feeling in the crowning moment?

I was completely awestruck when they announced my name. I felt so grateful when previous Miss Nepal earth Rojina Shrestha put the crown on my head.

Q) What will be your contribution to society and our nation?

I think you do not have to contribute to the society when you are in the designated power.You have to do it before and always. I am a social entreprenuer and activist on menstrual hygiene for 4 years now. I have represented with this cause to three different countries already. I look from the two way perspective and finding right balances when it comes to society and our nation. Miss Nepal earth is about beauty for cause so for that I will learn from works of previous Miss Nepal Earth. I want to go hand in hand from their and my knowledge and experiences and as Miss Nepal Earth 2018 whatever I will do it’s not a contribution but my responsibility.

Q) How will you prepare for international pageant? How confident are you?

We have hoped of bringing the international crown to Nepal, not just only me but each four of us together.I am hopeful. I am mentally preparing on it. I am awaring about the issues going more on the environment. I am confident and hopeful, we will try our best and support of our country people will make us more confident.

Q) Your message for Nepalese brother and sister for New Year 2075 B.S.?

Let’s stop asking the Country what you have done for us, start asking yourself what I have done for the Country. I think students going abroad for education should come back to Nepal after completing their education and invest on Our Nation. Youths are more powerful today.We really need to be focused don’t wait for other to start instead start yourself and don’t give up, life is never ending struggles but it’s always a learning process so be motivated and be happy.

Q) Your New Year resolution?

I lack time management my resolution is to be more punctual.

Q) What are you planning for mother’s day?

My mother is not here she is abraod. I really miss her I love you miss you and I want to thank all mothers of this Country because of their blessings I am here. We don’t need to take a day off to celebrate our mother. Each day is mother’s day.

 Q) My favourites are?

Thakali food, Rajesh Hamal, Swoopna Suman, colour red, dressing for winter,Nepal, Ian Somehalder from The Vampire Diaries

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