Miss Nepal International: Ronali Amatya



Q) What difference have you found before and after Miss Nepal pageant? How do you feel after being Miss Nepal?

Before Miss Nepal, we were involved in various activities yet I was focused for the main event. And now as I am Miss Nepal International, I feel more confident andI can feel the weight of my crown on my head in the form of responsibilities.

Q) Tell us about your journey in Miss Nepal?

I was always passionate about beauty pageants. Therefore was focused and determined throughout my journey. As I have always loved learning, I enjoyed every session with many beautiful people that I have earned. 

Q) What changes did you find in yourself during the grooming process for Miss Nepal pageant?

Miss Nepal has brought many positive changes in me. From confidence level to thinking ability. I firmly believe it has helped me to bring the best out of me in every aspect.

Q) How were you feeling in the crowning moment?

In the crowning moment my mind did not process properly. Thus, I was blank. Also to my surprise,I was still conscious about not spoiling my choreography. However,I was extremely happy to see my supporters and my family cheering for me.

Q) What will be your contribution to society and our nation?

The best contribution one can make to humanity is to improve oneself.  Thus by improving myself and inspiring people to work towards the Empathetic  Society  would definitely be my contribution as I am involved with MyEmotionsMatter which is an education company committed to developing emotional intelligence in students, teachers, and working professional.

Q) How will you prepare for international pageant? How confident are you?

I have started researching about the Miss International Pageant already. I will dedicate all my time, effort and energy to perform my best and bring the International crown home.

Q) Your message for Nepalese brother and sister for New Year 2075 B.S.?

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.


Q) Your New Year resolution?

Working on my weakness and turning them into my strengths is my resolution for this year.

Q) What are you planning for mother’s day?

We all were really busy for the past 7-8 weeks, therefore spending quality time with my mother and my family is what I am looking forward to.

Q) My favourites are?

Dessert, Dayahang Rai, colour blue, summer outfits, BALI (Indonesia).

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