Guheshwori to Pashupatinath




I was waiting on the Northern side of the temple chanting Om Namah Shivaya Namo Namaha mantra for Arati to start any moment soon. I often visit this place in peace and tranquil state of mind. I feel elevated from work pressure
and stress levels, here I am living in the state of "me" as a being. Evening arati transports me from materialism to spiritualism. It focused on me and my presence in Earth. Listening to Shiva tandav strotram hymn makes me feel pleasant and calm. The lights of Arati make the atmosphere cheerful. The rhythms are soothing and transcends your soul with eternal bliss. The sound of sconch enters through ears and resides in my soul.

To capture this unique experience, I go to see arati. Perhaps, others too like me to experience this divine moment come to Pashupatinath temple.

Everybody knows in the god's creation, death is a mystery. There are other hidden secrets also but death is topmost of this list. All these sad events which people cannot look beyond make him sorrow and his quest for joy begins.
As a social being, we know that death means separation with others. After the soul leave the house of our body it gets into 5 elements of the Universe. One can feel this by stepping at the courtyard of Pashupatinath temple where cremation is taking place. On one side arati is going on and on the other dead body are cremated. I am watching this. Some are crying over the loss while others are engulfed by arati song. They are dancing and some are clapping along with the music instruments of Arati.

I asked to Bimal who was alongside me- Why do you come to see Arati? He replied instantly, I come here for enjoyment. I like the evenings and sounds coming from temple. I come here to experience this moment. Before ending his conversation, a man called Hem Binadi put that he comes from Sinamangal to experience the spirituality from evening arati and shift focus from material world to reality of inner soul.

Hem is right! People were materialistic they have no time for themselves. Leisure is rare. This is a commercial world they struggle for earning, money can buy everything is their misconception. So, to take time out from hustle bustle and come to evening arati and recite mantras for mind control is very profitable. Hearing me speak Sudhir smiled and said no matter what you are at calm. It is a great relief from fatigue.
Positive thoughts, focus on work, dedication for peace of mind the temple is very conducive place to come and watch arati.
Now-a day every individual is after enjoyment. He wants every moment of his life to be joyful. A relaxed and happy state of mind. Without any obstructions he wants to full his desires and ambitions. But is life as simple as that? no, if you don't know how to life a simple and happy life it becomes very complex.
In this complexities to take a rest and take a close look of life people flock together to the courtyard of Pashupatinath and watch Arati.

Pashupatinath is historically, religiously and symbolically for tourists a very important place of Nepal. Every day in the evening the significance of arati is growing day by day. Before arati takes place I would have already roam around Sleshmantak forest. Bird calling in the forest is no less than music. Monkeys excitement makes me feel as though I am at zoo.
At dusk, I reside to sing arati. Just like me, others have already gathered to recite arati. In the month of Shrawan seeing the women devotees who fast and gather for puja, meditation and offerings make spiritualism more meaningful.

Pashupatinath temple is not just a pilgrimage, but conjoint facades of life. The glow of the light in the evening, running water of Bagmati, Monkey's activities, reflection of different moods from people's face, touch my heart.

And, the blissful Arati, Wow!

Shantinagar, Kathmandu

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