Kathmandu Fun Valley- A cool place to be this summer!


Nepal is culturally inclined towards the hospitality. It is also there in occupation sector. With the soaring temperature Kathmandu Fun Valley at Palase, Bhaktapur is all set to welcome you to enjoy this summer by cooling down in water at Fun Valley. Not only inside the valley has it targeted outside people including the tourist to come to Fun Valley this summer 2018.

From water sports to enjoyment of children and adult groups it has 14 different kinds of activities. Employees say we have finished making all our preparations for summer.It lies at 12 k.m. distance from Koteswar Kathmandu. It is connection to four lane roads and after that you can reach and enjoy at Fun Valley.Not only in waters but you can enjoy different kind of plays and food and enjoy throughout the day.

Besides entertainment it also provides knowledge by visiting a museum.Aprt from jewellery it also showcase goods that are 273 years old. Besides that it also has displayed picture of people from South Asian countries. Founder Govinda Nepali mentioned,”Karnali is underdeveloped district.But they are unaware about cultural significance of Karnali.We have displayed various models that highlights the culture and tradition of Karnali in our museum. The name of our museum is” South Asian Country and Karnali museum” has more than 250 photos of different countries. The artifacts are 37-273 years old that are displayed in our museum.They are 137 artifacts in total, they are Fun Valley’s own people come twice to revisit. It also has ambience different from city life. We have yearly and weekly guest arriving at fun park.Last year we had 2 lakh people coming to enjoy water sports. Fun valley is suitable for people from all age groups.Children to Adult can enjoy the Oceanic waves. 10 different sports entralls not only the kids but adults too. Located in environment friendly ambience with enough parking space that can fill 1000 motorbikes and 500 cars. Fun valley has 4 different pools like children pools, wave pools, slide pools and rain-disco pools. Different playing zones make Fun valley a complete entertainment package. The marketing manager Mr. Bhattarai thought about designing fun valley in such a way all customers is filled with joy and happiness. Bhattarai says even neighbouring Country India doesn’t have water park like ours. So domestic and international people are spell bound when they visit Fun Park. There are different kind of packages.Discount in ticket price of school students and those who have finished their SEE exams. There is a special package for people from Corportaae sectors and for families. You can be assured about the hygiene of water says Bhattarai. The water are filtered everyday for 10 hours and the quality is tested.They have plans for collecting rain water and supplying it at fun valley water park.

Why do you go to fun valley? Bhattarai says it is due to close proximity. The roads are well developed to reach Fun Valley. Adequate parking space, pollution free and a great stress buster.

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