The Inspirer - Mr. Gagan Thapa


1.      What are you doing these days?

I am busy with my sessions for the Member of Parliament. I am engaged with this at present.

2.      How did you start your political career? What was the inspiration and aspirations behind joining politics?
It was not a well thought plan. In 1990movement I was studying at Siddhartha Banasthali School. I was influenced by the family members at home. I also was engaged in leadership work during my school which was a fun. When I look back at past,on the basis of few things that were hearsay had affected me. Accidently I stumbled into revolution and then my political journey began.After joining Tri Chandra campus I heard many things about Late B.P. Koirala. His words became an inspiration for me.

3.      Who is your role model and why?
Yes, the founder of Nepali Congress Lt. B.P.Koirala was my inspiration no doubt.

4.      How do you see Youth role in Nation building?

In Nepal, the populations of youth are more in numbers. I think Nepal will not remain the same in the coming 17-18 years. The population will be come aged society like the Country Japan. Evrything will not be the same as today. Between these 10-15 years what the Nepali youth must understand is we are done with all kind of political revolution. We are not in the process of nation building. In this time we can’t be complaining and waiting for others to do the work for us. Showing dissatisfaction in every thing. If we do that we will miss the opportunity in this golden period. I think we should see it critically but all those people from their own places must take the action by thinking positively. I want to contribute to welfare of larger society which I may not able to do after completing my tenure. For me the most important thing is attitude.


5.      Where do you see Nepal in the coming 10 years?

I see Nepal taking a giant leap in the coming ten years period in its development. Right now we are in low status economically. In the next years I see we have progressed more, managed our diversity very well, aspiring and dynamic nation. This is how I see the image of Nepal in the coming ten years.

6.      What improvements can be made in our education system to produce a globally competent citizen in the face of global competition?

Most of the Nepalese are enrolled in public education. With improving the public education we cannot achieve the expected result of overall education.We need a lot of development in this sector. In private schooling I think we are lacking due to obsession for English language than other subjects like science and maths which enables a person to think critically and outside the box. Private sectors are not giving enough focus in this area. When we look at higher education in the last 10 years the performance of our University declined due to appointement of wrong people. University should have provided more space and facilities for aspiring students but in that the performance of University is very low. Right man at right place can bring drastic improvement in University and in higher learning.


7.       As a Health Minister what plans were successful implemented and what didn’t go as planned?
My tenure was very short but my focus was always on long term plans and actions.Many things have begun like the Universal health insurance. Opening pharmacy in all hospitals and others. I made plans and worked on it but due to short tenure we couldn’t move ahead in a long run.If I had long time period it wouldn’t have been reversed after initiation.

8.       What is the success mantra to be a successful person in life in your personal opinion?
For me one and only one mantra for success is right attitude. You can find a path for dealing with problems in front of you. It will help you the way out in difficult time.We must develop the right attitude.


9.      What is your message for all the youths?

We have a window of only 15 years.When we compare ourself to more developed nations we must not forget that from youths our Country have received a huge benefit. Today’ youth are the second part after the political movement but in our time youths were mainly in political movement. I expect them to be more constructive and creative.


10.   How do you remember your mother in the occasion of coming Mothers day?
Today what ever I am is all because of my mother. In my every achievement and my belongings behind that there are contributions of many people in my life. The root of my values is of my mother. My value system and my foundation were given to me by mother. My mother gave me all the right lessons despite being moderately educated. For me the place of mother is at highest regards and unmatchable than anything else.


Interview of:

Mr. Gagan Thapa

Ministry of Health and Population Nepal.


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