Youth in Politics

Focus on youth ‘in term of their participation’ in political realm is somewhat new but exceptionally timely. Filled with new ideas and different perspectives, youth can play vital role in moving the political world forward. By voicing their opinions, they
can compel the government to bring the changes that is essential for today’s generation. Participation of youth is politics is not just good, it’s necessary. There are barely any politicians in significant position under 35 years old, thus need of youngsters are not addressed as it should have been. Country can never progress with the same old ideas and old politicians.

New views, new perception and stronger shoulders are needed for development of the country. In the context of Nepal, politicians seem least interested in the upliftment of country rather they are more into acquiring power and position. Since several leaders are aged, they cannot see things through youth’s eyes. They are stuck in the principles and way of their era which is hardly relevant in today’s time. Though Nepali youth is active in politics since few decades, they are still trying hard to find footing in the Nepali politics. So, it’s time that every youth of Nepal should be aware of their political responsibilities and join hands for the development of the country.

Voice of Student Union Heads

Youths are the pillars of any nation. Without youth development of any nation is impossible. If we see the history of first world countries, youth has been in the main stream of politics but in least develop country like Nepal, youth are rarely in politics. Youth are power. This nation is formed by youth and it is obvious that only with can lead this nation into the path of development. I believe youth will be in mainstream of politics very soon and they will break the ice.

Nainsingh Mahar

Politics is the leading ethics in the society. Certainly, there is the significant role of youth in politics. The youths are the nation builders and they are the true foundations of the country. No doubt, the youths can contribute in the social, cultural, economic and political Reformation of the nation. If we observe the political changes over a couple of decades in Nepal, we can see the outstanding dedication and contribution of youth to bring the radical changes against the feudal autocratic ruling system which existed for a longer period in the history of Nepal. The Federal Democratic Republic constitution 2072 aims the participation of youths in the different layers of authoritative bodies for the overall development of the nation.

Narendra Neupane

Youths have very significant role in politics. Nepal has witnessed youths as a biggest contributor in any political and social change. If we turn the pages of history, it makes us proud that youth contributed to establish better political system in the country. Now youths should not only stay and contribute for change from behind the scene. It’s time for youths to take a lead and change the trend and track of leadership in the country. Youth can do much better for this country now. But only thing they need is a platform to work in frontline of national politics.

Nabina Lama

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