Adventure Sports in Nepal

Who doesn’t love adventure? And holidays can be the best time to form a group and head for an adventurous trip. You don’t have to go far either to enjoy your vacation or to experience adventure. There are lots of adventure sports in Nepal that will give you thrills and lifetime opportunity to experience nature more closely. Here are few adventure sports in Nepal that you should try at least once in your life.


Nepal’s rich biodiversity makes it an eco-tourism place. The tropical jungles of the Terai are the habitat of wild endangered animals. The presence of towering trees, twisting vines, stunning birds, exotic wildlife around you will automatically increase the thrill. Jungle safari is the best way to witness the nature either on the back of the elephant or in a jeep. If you’re lucky, a Royal Bengal Tiger may surprise you by his imperial appearance at Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park. Koshi Tappu National Park is a paradise for bird watchers. The safari package generally ranges from Nrs. 18,000/- onwards.


Parahawking is the best way to see the world with the eye of a bird. While paragliding, you will be viewing mountains, valley, lakes, and temples from a height and on the top of that, the hawk will land on your gloved arms. The hawk will guide us through the sky while paragliding. It is a perfect mixture of adventure and fun. Parahawking is currently available in Pokhara. Various packages are available which extends to 2/3 nights which might cost around NRs. 15,000-20,000/-.


The charm of zip flyer has been increasing in Nepal these days. Nepal’s zip flyer, located at Pokhara, is the world’s longest, steepest and the fastest one which is 1860m long. The pulley starts from the 1625m in Sarangkot and ends at 960m in Hemmja. The cable of zip flyer is suspended over 5000 feet above sea level. The zip flyer flies with the speed of 140km/hr and best technologies are used for safety and durability. Nepalese are charged NRs. 3500/- per person.


Everest sky diving is one of the extreme and outrageous adventure available here in Nepal. You will jump from a height of 29,500ft to float back to Everest base camp. You will experience free fall before your canopy opens and then you will land gently on the ground. That heavenly feeling while free falling, the eye-feasting view of the beautiful lakes and Mount Everest, it is definitely a moment to remember. You can’t express those feelings in words but you can show them. I mean, your entire jump will be filmed by the camera flyer making it an adventure for the lifetime. After the success of Everest sky diving, sky diving is available in Pokhara as well. Skydivers will jump from a height of 12,000 ft above Pame Danda, west of Phewa Lake. Nepalese are charged NRs.75,000/-.


Ultralight flight is one of the mediums to witness magnificent Pokhara valley, mountains, and lakes. A light aircraft with no window, the aircraft can carry only two people; a pilot and a passenger. The flight is flown to the Himalayas as close as possible. The indefinable beauty of mountains, the peace and the feel of nature will leave a mark in your heart. The cost of the flight depends upon the duration of the flight. The duration ranges from 15 minutes to 90 minutes and the cost ranges from NRs. 8,000/- to 32,000/- for Nepalese.

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