Queen of Golf: Pratima Sherpa

First female golfer of the nation, Pratima Sherpa, won an amateur tournament named Faldo Series China Championship held in Gokarna. Though born in an economically weak family, Pratima never let her poverty take over her dream. Pratima Sherpa, at age a mere age of 18 years has conquered the golf course, the field that was dominated by men for hundreds of year. Pratima is undoubtedly an inspiration to thousand of those girls who think a dream can only be achieved in an ideal situation.

  1. What inspired you to play golf?

It’s been 21 years my parents have been working in golf course. I used to see people playing golf every time which triggered the desire of playing golf within me.  

  1. Your academic background?

I studied management in +2 at Prime College and am waiting for my result.

  1. Why should women get education?

It is said that an educated woman at home can educate an entire family. If women are educated, she can bring change from village to country level.

  1. What can be the role of a man in women empowerment?

Men can contribute to women empowerment by supporting and encouraging them on whatever career they choose. Men should not demotivate them by saying this work is not for women or like that.

  1. You started playing golf at the age of 11. How welcoming was this field?

First of all, golf is a very expensive game so most of the people do not know much about golf. In addition to that, the participation of female is very less. Every Saturday, a junior golf tournament used to be held. Tashi Ghale, the president of an NGO invited me to play golf. Since I used to play before that also, I learned in a very short span of time. Everyone encouraged me and after winning a competition, I was more encouraged to continue.

  1. What were the hurdles you faced after embarking into this field?

We couldn’t afford golf kits and gloves to practice. I did not have gloves while practicing so my hand skin used to worn out. Though it was difficult at first, I knew someday my hard work will pay off so I never gave up.

  1. What’s the scope of this field?

I feel golf have a wide scope in Nepal. After making name in the golf, lots of well known international coaches are inviting me to play golf. International colleges are offering me scholarships and have asked me to contact them if I choose to study Golf Management program there.

  1. What qualities should one possess to achieve success?

At first, you should set a target and then work hard. You may face lots of hurdles on the way but you should focus on your goal. Don’t listen to naysayers. Though it may be difficult at the beginning, you will eventually achieve success.

  1. What keeps you going?

Since the time I started playing golf, I had in my mind that I will be a professional golfer. If not ladies, I was determined to compete with guys and play at the international level. Though sometimes I get demotivated when games do not go right, my coach and parents keep on pushing me. They keep on reminding me what my target is.

  1. Tell us about your achievements?

I won the Faldo Series China Championship held in Gokarna in which I compete against international golfers. It was the happiest moment of my life. I even received a letter from Tiger Woods.

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