Father-Son duo in Sports

Conservationist As little boys grow up to be young men and sports become their passion, their fathers come along and embrace their children’s passion. Ideally, when the young ones are at schools or college the father stays out of the way, other than to lend encouragement and be there when his son ask for his advice or instructions. But, if the father was also an athlete and an accomplished one how could he separate his knowledge of the game and desire to help his son knowing that child needs some space to succeed or fail in his own. It’s a tough- father-son dynamic. Parental support and belief are associated with enjoyment, enthusiasm, self-esteem, beliefs, goal orientations, achievement of children. Parents internalize these expectations and they blame themselves when their children fail to surpass high developmental expectations. When the development surpasses expectations, parents feel they deserve the special credit. In a visible and highly publicized field like sports there is a mention of proof of one’s moral worth as parents. Performance-based sports involve progressive skill development that enables parent to assess their children’s achievements relative to age peers. Many fathers have passed on the tradition of playing football to their sons; professional players are no different making their mark at National Football League their children eventually emulate their career paths. At father’s day we are given opportunity to truly appreciate our dads because we have crossed hurdles following their footsteps.


Some of father-son duo who made their mark in sports is mentioned below:


Ken Norton senior and Ken Norton Jr.:
Ken Norton Sr. was a professional boxer while Ken Norton Jr. was a line backer in the National football league. Despite they had different career paths they were known for punishing their opponents. Ken Sr. boxed from 1967 to 1981and won first fight for the NABF heavyweight title. Inducted in International boxing hall of fame. His son Ken Jr. racking up over 1000 career tackles and 3 pro bowl sessions, is the only player in NFL history to win Super Bowl ring in three consecutive years.


The Griffeys:
Signature name in the game of base ball. Senior had a successful 19 year career himself. Although he didn’t put up the kind of numbers that his son did, he captured back to back World Series Championships in 1975 and 1976.Griffey Jr.’s was the most popular players in the history of sports. His acrobatic catches in center field earned him 10 consecutive gold clove awards and finished career with 630 home runs. He rose to hall of fame receiving 99.3% votes which is a record.


The Amarnaths:
Lala Amarnath was India’s first test centurion on his debut match. He was independent India’s first captain. Two of his sons Surinder and Mohinder followed in his footsteps and played Test cricket for India, Mohinder was far more successful than his brother with score of 1100 in 69 tests. Surinder was also at high in his career after his test debut against New Zealand in Auckland in 1975-1976.


Lee and Richard Petty:
Lee Petty was NASCAR’S first real superstar winning three- driver’s championships between 1954 and 1959. He was inducted to the International motorsports Hall of fame in 1990. Richard Petty shares the record for the most drivers’ championships having won between 1967 and 1979. He retired in 1992with 200 wins the most ever and joined his dad in The Hall Of Fame in 1997.


Bobby Bonds played for eight different teams over a 14 year career. He recorded five seasons with 30 plus homeruns and 30 plus steals won three Gold Glove Awards and three time all-star. Barry Bonds is most feared hitter and most complete player of all times. 13 time all-star and only of three men to have hit over 700 home-runs.


Famously known as the Nawab of Pataudi Senior and Junior respectively. Both Iftikhar and Mansoor started playing domestic cricket in England before joining the Indian team. Mansoor was the youngest ever Captain at the age of 21.

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