Mountain Biking Nepal

Riding the two-wheelers on the lap of regal mountains, enjoying the serene natural beauty, nothing could ever beat this majestic feeling and the rough terrain definitely adds the oomph factor to it. It’s challenging, demanding and exhausting but it’s rewarding too. 

For those who love to lose in nature and equally love the adventure, mountain cycling would be a perfect choice as it’s a blend of both. You don’t have to master the skills or be mountaineer or climber to enjoy the essence and freedom of the high mountains, just get a bike and ride it. In Nepal, there are varieties of cycling routes comprising of slight and moderate lopes along with more challenging and pronounced ones. Conquering the rocky trails will be one of your best memories.


However, before embarking on this mesmerizing journey, make sure you are prepared well:


Route: You must be aware of the route beforehand. You definitely don’t want to lose your way, so do the needed research if needed carry map too.

Weather: Weather is a deciding factor whether your trip will have pleasure or pain. Thus, spent some time checking the weather forecast and take the necessary caution.


What to wear: Pay attention to your wardrobe. Dress according to the weather. It’s better to be warm since the temperature at high altitude is generally cool. Make sure to wear a comfortable dress. Packing a thermal, gloves, long-sleeved jerseys won’t hurt.


Water: Take a bottle of water with you and keep sipping even if you are not thirsty. Since you will be sweating a lot, staying hydrated is essential.


Have some knowledge about your bike: Though being a professional mechanic is not needed, you must know the basic things as if you get stuck on the road because of anything, it’s unlikely you will find a taxi ride.


Carry tools and spares: You know how to change the inner tube but if you don’t have the tools what’s the use. So, don’t forget to carry the basic spares like two tyre levers and two tubes.


Safety: It’s always safe to ride in a group. You won’t just enjoy the nature but can also share the load if you face any unexpected problems.

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