Skiing: Chasing Snow

The sport that is five millennia old has not lost its charm yet. Skiing is a great getaway from a normal life routine and one of the most exhilarating experiences. Trees covered in fluffy snow, cold breeze passing through your tresses and the rays of sun scattered all around, making the mountain glow like a diamond, what can be more heavenly than this. The chill in the air is inevitable, yet it’s not going to bother you at all as you glide down conquering the snowy mountain.

It is an addictive sport that demands lessons, confidence, skills, desire, practice and proper judgment. Since it’s more demanding than other sports, it can be little scary and daunting for a newbie. Thus, here we have listed few things that newbie shall expect before chasing the snow.

It’s challenging

If you have never ice-skated or rollerbladed, skiing is going to be entirely different experience and quite challenging too. However, after few trials and gaining the confidence, you will start to enjoy.  

Ski Lesson

If you want to enjoy the skiing fully, do take some lessons beforehand. Basic knowledge in skiing will enhance your experience. (Your instructor will instruct you on the spot as well.)

Losing balance is common

Be prepared to fall! It’s very unlikely that you will be able to keep balance the whole time. But don’t worry it won’t hurt much as snow will be soft and you will be on slow speed.

Don’t get intimidated

It’s very common to be shaky and slow while skiing for the first time, so don’t feel bad about it.

Quick Tips

-    Wear waterproof jacket or trouser and don’t forget to wear thermals underneath. Avoid wearing nylon or cotton clothes as it tends to soak water easily.

-    Don’t forget to wear waterproof gloves.

-    Don’t forget to carry lip balm as your lips are going to get chapped due to cold. Carry sunscreen cream too.

-    As it’s going to be sunny, take sunglasses or skiing goggles with you.

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