The Art of Playing Sports for Body and Mind


We all play some kind of sports, don’t we? Even if we don’t play we definitely enjoy watching it like live tournaments. There are several benefits of playing sports. Being fit and attractive is just one part. It doesn’t mean that it is the only benefit. Sports keep our body healthy; if we don’t do sports then we will be forced to rust. The decomposed body will be problematic in cases where we even need a small walk. The mechanisms of people are like motor engines. Sports balance our blood pressure and circulation. We don’t feel immediately tired if we are active sportsman. Our overwhelming life conditions make us unhappy, playing sports in this circumstance will make us motivated and refreshed again. Sports are rooted with excitement and enthusiasm that is why millions of people watch World Cup match without ever breathing. Your entire focus and concentration is glued to the performance of your favorite team and players. Due to thrills and excitement in sports, countries are able to compete in the international arena. The winners walk away with all the glory but competitiveness and spirits of sportsmanship makes sports such a beloved activity. Sports have a huge market for a nation’ economy. Sport enthusiasts contribute to prepare the countries professional teams along with new facilities for sports game.

Supplying funds for buildings, well defined stadiums ultimately help Country construct well defined stadiums. For e.g World cup, tennis, Cricket tournaments. Sponsorships are a huge branding strategy for Companies and they are willing to sponsor a team or athletes. Sports form a very important part of education also. If you look at a bookworm, all his mental excellence cannot be made up for his physical deficiency. The skills required for playing sports depict his/her mental quality. The competition brings out the players best performances. Sportsmanship is an exercise of a good leadership. On one hand he is not expected to out play foul he must co-operate and on defeat, he must shake hands with his adversaries cheerfully. His traits will be honest and fair dealings with people. He will not see his enemies below the belt. He will not be heartbroken and obey his superiors.


Sports are divided in three sections:

INDIVIDUAL SPORTS: Playing sports whenever you are free. It refreshes and energizes the person.

DUAL SPORTS:  Played by two people at one time. For e.g. tennis. This game helps for those people who are afraid of facing the groups during game. It helps to gain confidence when potentially playing with teams. It provides physical and mental strength to cope up with team players.

TEAM PLAYERS: Group of people work together to help the team win. Possible efforts to achieve a target goal. For e.g. Basketball, football, swimming teams, volleyball, cricket. We can choose to be a part of any one or more from the above and play sports to energize our body, stimulate our mind and enhance good memories and cheerfulness by taking active participation in sports. For students, it is mandatory to play sports once in a while to sharpen their mind with analytical skills, concentration and positive mood. I give you five golden reasons why you need sports in graduate school?



  •  Sports improve time management and professional development.
  •  Sports improve mental well-being.
  •  Sports make time pass more quickly.
  •  Sports improve physical well-being.
  •  Sports forge bonds.

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