Craze of Animation

We hear animation movies making millions and billions in the box office. Animation movies have become a threat to the regular movies at the box office due to its craze among the youths. Popular only among kids till 90s, animated movies have now found wider audiences of every age group.

We grew up seeing Mickey mouse and Donald duck singing and dancing, the muses singing Hercules life story, Cinderella finding her Prince, Tom chasing Jerry, Ash capturing Pokémon, Mowgli talking to animals, Genie fulfilling Aladdin’s wish and so on. 90s kids might still remember Disney cartoons and might still have a heap of comics in some corner of their home. Animation has given life to our favorite characters from comics to fairytale story books.

The animators have fulfilled 90s kids dream by bringing those characters in a high quality animated movies with lots of special visual effects and have shown a new perspective in the field of animation. With the creation of more advanced computers and software, animation has also geared up in the past few years.

Animation has made its own place in the entertainment field. Best animated movies are appreciated with prestigious awards and are screened in festivals in different countries. Nepal’s first ever animated movie ‘Shankhadhar Ye Bakhaa’ was screened in London on October 31, 2016. The movie is based on the historic figure ‘Shankhadhar Sakhwa’, who freed poor Nepalese people from the debt and founded the Nepal Sambat calendar. The movie slated for international grand premiere on December 11 in the U.K. and the USA. Recently we got to see an amazing 8-bit animated music video of ‘Rohit John Chhetri’, animated by ‘Aneel Neupane’ that took us back to our childhood. The music video was appreciated by a wider audience.

Pixar and DreamWorks are some of the popular Animation Studios, producing some brilliant animated movies that are doing good business. Japanese Animation has also found a niche in animation and is very popular as anime among the youths. There is a new trend of inserting animation and VFX in the regular movies adding more thrilling moments in the movie. Movies like Avatar, Harry Potter series, Beauty and the Beast, Bahubali etc. have brought a revolution in movie making.

Started as 8-bit animation, most animations are three-dimensional nowadays. 3D animation is the new advancement in the field. Animation has a great scope in Nepal and Nepalese are also trying to make its niche in the international platform.

If you are creative, if you love drawing and you want to see your cartoon characters come into life then, animation can be the right choice for you. Movie animations rely heavily on data processing and technology. It requires sophisticated technical skills but less investment, manpower, and resources.

Since we have access to internet 24/7 and YouTube is a useful tool to reach wider audiences around the world, YouTube has helped lots of animators to showcase their creativity and talent. So, if you are a beginner, you can try out making animation videos and upload it on YouTube. You will receive feedbacks from people around the world which will help you refine your animating skills. There are lots of institutions in the city which conduct animation classes. You can take those classes to learn animation from the beginning to advance level. Then, you can even opt animation as your career in the future.

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