Selection of Camera for making quality Videos

It's been few years we witnessed a drastic change in the picture quality of Nepali film. If we compare the quality of movies in the past and now, the changes are quite visible. In the past, filmmakers used to compromise with the quality of the movie. Blurred and unclear pictures were not new things, due to which Nepali movies never got the market/audiences it deserved. But now the scenario has changed.

These days, producers are investing a high amount of money to produce high-quality movies that will be appreciated by the audiences. Recent movies like Aye Mero Hajur and Prem Geet 2 are collecting appreciation because of its high quality cinematography and visualization. Not only high budget movies but YouTube videos are also of high definition nowadays.

With the rapid growth in technology, the mode of shooting films has also changed. Nowadays, directors are using more advanced cameras to shoot the scenes which does not just increase the quality of the picture but also add credit to the movie. In the era where people are more conscious about quality, it’s quite obvious for filmmakers to adopt the best tools to increase the quality of their movies. A number of cameras of renowned brands have entered the Nepali market with some amazing functionalities for movie making.

Have you ever wondered how the quality of picture upgraded to this point? Do you want to make videos and that also with a digital camera? Then here are the latest cameras available in the market that might fulfill your needs.  

For the purpose of video making, there are lots of things you want to consider. You definitely want your camera to fulfill those needs. In the market, the sales person would show you lots of options. There will be a huge confusion while going through the specification as it might be vague to understand every detail.  Below are some cameras with their few details which might help you choose your perfect camera for video shooting.

Canon EOS 70D appeared as the modification of EOS 60D. EOS 70D has a 20.2 megapixel camera sensor whereas both EOS 700D and EOS 7D has a resolution of 18.0 megapixel.  The articulating screen with touch feature of EOS 70D and 700D makes it easier to shoot videos and photos in live view mode. 70D performs well at higher ISO than 700D.

If your intentions are just to shoot a Full HD video then even 700D can match your requirement. In Nepal, many people use 70D cameras to shoot a music video. If you are looking for maximum features like touchscreen, built-in wi-fi, on-sensor phase detect, wider angle kit lens, higher extended ISO, etc at a reasonable price then 70D is the camera for you. But, if you want to level up and invest more, then the best camera for video shooting is Canon 5D Mark III as it has a full frame sensor and supports CF card.

Sony RX 100 V, product of Sony Company, is the latest release in the market. The camera has appeared as an ultimate camera for capturing stills and movies of high quality captivating extensive details. The RX100V has become the first fixed lens camera available in affordable price. It has got 1 type sensor with phase detection autofocus. It shoots oversampled 4K clips resulting in high definition footage. This pocketable compact digital camera is user-friendly because of its exceedingly capable feature of point and shoot.

Sony RX100 V has undoubtedly focused on the camera’s performance and has excelled in this area compared to Sony RX 100 IV. Its ability to shoot full-resolution images at 24 frames per second is truly astounding. Size and the price of this camera will surely leave you amazed. Though the appearance of the camera is not so appealing, its performance is applaudable.

The arrival of such gadget in the market has brought a drastic change in movie making and photography. The use of small sized, multi-functional and high-performance camera has reduced the necessity of the use of large cameras, stands, manpower, etc.

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