Making your mark: Hard work is the key

Huawei has become one of the most successful phone brands in a short period of time. Huawei phones are known for their durable battery, high resolution dual camera, full HD display and stunning slim body. It is an international brand and it was Dipendra Chaulagain, authorized dealer of Huawei, who helped to set the brand here in Nepal. We can find Huawei phone easily at the heart of Kathmandu; New Road and Mahaboudhha. After completing his 10+2, Chaulagain had to earn money to support his further studies. As he came from poor family background, he took multiple odd jobs including selling vegetables on the road.

He was all set to go Dubai but, somewhere in his heart, he was not ready to leave Nepal. He stayed in Nepal and started working for Huawei. “I started my journey when I was 17 years old. It was my Uncle who introduced me to the technology field. The craze of mobile phones was budding then.” he recalls.

He started as a salesman and learned everything about mobile phone business within eight months. He then opened a mobile store in New Road. When he joined Huawei, it was very expensive. People didn’t know much about Huawei or its features.

“It was really hard for me to convince retailers to sell Huawei as it is a Chinese brand but now that it has become popular, people say I was smart to introduce Huawei phone in Nepal.”

There are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Nepal and Chaulagain believes, “It’s always the hard work that leads you to the success. If we are determined enough to make our dream come true and ready to take the risk, we don’t have to go abroad seeking for employment.”

Huawei Technologies Nepal Co., Pvt. Ltd.
Sanepa, Nayabato Chowk, Lalitpur-3, Nepal

Dipendra Chaulagain
RD of Huawei in Newroad (Mahaboudha)

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