Best Apps for students

Smartphones and tablets can be used as an educational kit that can provide you with extensive knowledge regarding various subjects. Here are some of the best apps for the students that will help improve your grade and will spare you from carrying bulky books and equipments.


While you're studying, you might get distracted with the notification on Facebook. It's obvious you will check it and waste few more minutes instead of studying. So to avoid such distractions, SelfCon- trol is the right app for you.
The SelfControl app allows you to block distracting websites for certain duration. This prevents you from repetitive checking of the notification. The best part of this app is that it's impossible for you to access the website until the time runs out once you set duration, even if you delete the app. So next time to sit to study, make sure you activate this app for some hours.

Sleep If U Can

A warm bed and a sweet nap might avert you to rise up early in the morning. To turn off the alarm, you'll have to take a picture and match it otherwise the alarm won't turn off. It's better to take a picture of a sink in the bathroom. You know what I mean!

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator can be a useful app for the students due to its capability same as the scientific calculator. You won't have to carry those bulky calculators and no tension if you forget to carry it with you. You will be able to solve complex mathematical cube roots with this app.


This app restrains you from carrying tons of bulky books required for your course. All you have to do is take the photo of your book shelf, from which the app can get the name of the book. With the help of image-recognition feature, it identifies the title of the book and shows you a list of the available ebook of the same book. What a convenient way to access the books in a digital form.

iTunes U

The product of Apple’s company, iTunes U app provides free online courses in a variety of subjects developed by instructors in some of the world's leading universities. iTunes U provides access to more than 750,000 free lectures, books, and other subjects, and is an extremely accessible source of online learning if you've got an iOS device handy.

Khan Academy

This app provides thousands of free online tutorial videos for a wide variety of subjects, from biology, chemistry, physics, K-12 mathematics, to history, civics, and computer programming. The app is suit- able for beginners as well as for advanced level.

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