Why Study in Nepal?

Education in Nepal is improving gradually. With the aim of providing world-class education, a number of academic institutions have adopted the modern teaching approach. Moreover, a number of colleges are offering international degree within the country through the distance learning program. Though in the past years, classroom learning was focused, now the scenario has changed. Colleges are emphasizing more on practical education. Students are exposed to the real life challenges which are vital in shaping their future. Colleges are introducing new teaching techniques and adopting new technologies in order to enhance the quality of education. Government is also continuously making major amendments regarding education to meet the international standard.

It’s quite heart wrecking that each year a huge number of students are going abroad in search of qualitative education. It’s a high time that students have to realize that colleges in our own country are serving the international standard education and there is no need to go abroad to acquire education anymore. Besides, life in abroad is not as glamorous as students think. Adjusting to a new environment, understanding their way of living and living far from home is not a cake walk. So if gaining the international standard education is the sole motive to go abroad then it’s time to re-think as our colleges are already offering that level of education in Nepal itself.

If we talk about the financial aspects, studying in Nepal is far affordable than to study abroad. Colleges in Nepal are not as expensive as it is in the foreign countries. The program which can be completed in 3 or 4 lakhs in Nepal cost above ten lakhs in the foreign countries, leave alone the living cost. Twenty hours in a week is the maximum working hours allocated by the foreign government for students whereas in Nepal a number of companies have initiated the part-time job system, thus making money while studying is easy in Nepal than in the foreign countries.

Talking about the employment opportunities in Nepal, graduates can find the high-level post in any reputed company without much problem but the scenario is not same in the foreign countries. We have barely heard Nepalese students working in the higher post in the reputed organizations of foreign countries. Since Nepal is heading towards industrial development, graduates should not worry about finding a right position and lucrative paycheck anymore.

Education and experiences abroad might not be as useful as students think as our country is different in every aspect compared to developed countries, be it industrial, political or agricultural. So studying in own country would be much better if you are willing to develop your nation as you will able to understand the prevailing problem more closely and find the solution easily.

In the twenty-twenty five years of my career, I have witnessed drastic changes in Nepalese education system. Changing time and technologies have brought positive impact in the education. In the context of Nepal, there has been a massive achievement in the education sector. Use of new technologies and modern methodology of teaching has enhanced the quality of education. Personally, I don’t think Nepal is lacking on providing international standard education. However, there is still scope for improvement.

Sunil Adhikari

RR Campus

Deputy Campus Chief


If we can assure the stability, security and employment opportunities, not only the domestic but we can attract the foreign students as well. Since, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries and education provided here meets the international standard, a lot of foreign people are willing to live and study here. Moreover, the concept of Open University has come into the light which is definitely a good sign.

Though, our education system has some loopholes, government is trying its best to solve all the issues. Our universities are continuously updating education academic programs and proficient teacher are being hired who are capable of using new technologies.

Dr. Mukunda Prathik


Bishwo Bhasa Campus

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