Fashion or Passion: With Bimal Shrestha, Fitness Instructor

If you are a fitness freak, you must have heard the name of Bimal Lal Shrestha. He is an epitome of making the impossible come true. Even after being barred from rigorous physical activities following his open heart surgery a decade ago, he built a career in bodybuilding. Blinded by the love of fitness, he ignored his doctor’s suggestion to take rest, took a risk and embarked on the victorious journey. Shrestha, who now runs his own fitness studio, took time from his busy schedule and chatted with the team of Colleges Nepal. Here are the excerpts:

What do you think, is joining gym a passion or fashion for today’s youth?
Well, it depends on individuals. People tend to look at fitness in both ways; passion and fashion. However, I think the majority of youth today take it as fashion.

Was it fashion for you too? Or was it your way to impress girls?
No, it was not particularly about impressing girls. I always had a passion for fitness. I was lean and my friends used to tease me all the time in school. So, I had decided to shape my physique in my early age.

So, what is the right age to join the gym?
According to me, the right age to start gym is 18.

What’s your take on youth starting bodybuilding to enter the glamour world?
Gym is not about looking good, being famous or impressing anyone, it’s about being healthy too. It’s very important to do exercise on a daily basis to stay fit. It’s a wrong concept that joining gym is all about building bodies.

What, in your opinion, motivates students to engage themselves in this sector?
Most of students get influenced by movies, looking at their favorite hero’s toned body, they desire to own similar physique. However, very few engage themselves in this sector to make a career in it.

Youngsters often do hard routines at first which they might not be to continue later in their lives, how does this affect their body?
Nothing bad happens even if they choose to discontinue the exercise. Though people tend to gain weight they don’t feel pain in their body.

You must have quite a female fan following because of your physical attributes. Don’t you?
(Haha…) I have not exposed my body yet. So I have no idea about it. But I do think, it attracts women to some extent.

So any plans to join the film industry? Has anyone offered you a role yet?
No, I have not been offered any role yet. But, if somebody, someday approaches me to be a part of a movie. I would surely take it. But I would prefer to play an antagonist rather than a protagonist.

To all the youngsters out there, would you suggest going for bodybuilding as a career or just exercising to be fit?
Well, that depends on their own choice and physical fitness. From what I have seen, some aspire to build a toned body and join bodybuilding as a career where remaining youngsters just prefer doing the regular exercise to stay fit. If they have enough stamina and the right motivation they can build a career out of it.

For those, who don’t have time to join gym, what would you suggest them?
There are quite a number of exercise which can be done at home. Like skipping, running, jumping jacks, squats and stretching can be done. People should exercise for 40 to 45 minutes a day. Only eating and no exercise is not good for health.

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