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Travel and Tourism Management College in Nepal

Travel and tourism sector is the most popular sector of tourism in Nepal. To produce qualified and skilled human resources in this sector Universities of Nepal have already launched Bachelor in travel and tourism program in Nepal from Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Lumbini Buddhist University, Purbanchal and Mid-Western Universities. If you want to study this program and are eligible then you can apply within the admission period for new session offered in any one of the University affiliated College in Nepal.

Bachelor of Travel and tourism Management/ BBA Travel in tourism Management:

This program is four years program which provides knowledge of international tourist service operations. It covers the management functions such as planning, managing and handling tours, rafting, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding programs, domestic and international air ticketing, implementing sustainable tourism management policy and coming as disturbance handler to settle any impending issues for running tours on behalf of guest from the study in this academic program.

Cost structures:


Rs 300000 to Rs 400000

Pokhara University

Rs 10 to Rs 13 lakh

Lumbini Buddhist University

Rs 258500

Purbanchal University


Mid-Western University

Rs 8-Rs 12 lakh

Master of Tourism Studies, Master of Travel and Tourism Management

Master of Tourism Studies is two years program of Tribhuvan University and also available from Purbanchal University also to Colleges in Nepal. This program helps to build professional, entrepreneurship skills, innovation in services, sustainability of tourism industry and adventure based tourism operations in Nepal.

Cost structures:

Tribhuvan University

Rs 310000 MTS  Rs 2-Rs 2.5 lakh MTTM

Purbanchal University


Scope and Career Prospects of Travel and Tourism Management:

In Nepal if you want to work in hospitality industry the scope is humongous. Apart from Hotel Management the travel and tourism Management open avenues in services for the tourists, their stay and activities in Nepal. You can work as travel and tour in charge, lodging and breakfast manager, information assistance, tourism planning and management, accounts in charge in public and as well as private sectors. You can become the employee, manager of adventure tourism business like assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing, travel desk in charge. Also the scope is in accommodations and catering business as guest relation, sales and marketing, conference and convention handling, travel desk. It also has careers in entertainment industry like casinos, theme parks, amusement centers.

If you are looking for the top Travel and Tourism colleges in Nepal, keep exploring the list below and choose the best college as required.