Dental Colleges in Nepal

Why do we need Dental studies in Nepal?

Dental studies in Nepal are most essential studies in the context to Nepal. Oral health and hygiene care is very important for every human being. We eat almost all kinds of foods available, be it raw or cooked or baked food to satiate our hunger. Our teeth do the grinding and chewing of those foods so that it can be easily digested by our body. If we don’t have proper oral hygiene germs and bacteria can infest our teeth. Some people have dental problems such as cavities, stained teeth, toothaches, chipped tooth, cracked tooth, impacted teeth, sensitivity, hyperdontia, gaps, gum problems, wisdom teeth problems, etc. All these are common dental problems and to treat them we need dentist or oral care experts. This is why Dental studies in Nepal are so crucial and so are Dental campuses.

Dental Studies in Nepal

Bachelor in Dental Surgery or Bachelor in Dental Science (BDS) is a four years course with one year of rotating internship. Employment opportunities are available for dentists in hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, health and teaching departments of Universities throughout Nepal.

MDS is a three years academic program run in Nepal. The teaching pedagogy includes discussions, clinical and laboratory postings, seminars, thesis, dissertations, workshop and participating in national and international conferences.

In Nepal top Universities like Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University are providing dental studies in undergraduate and graduate level programs in some of the prominent campuses running in Communities and Nepalese societies. Programs like BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery), Master of Dental Surgery (MDS), Certificates in Dental Science CTEVT, MDS (Master of Dental Surgery in conservative and endodontic programs) are run by some of the Dental Colleges in Nepal.

Entry for BDS and MDS in Nepal

  • Students who have passed Plus 2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology with at least 50 percent marks are eligible for admission in Bachelor in Dental Science course.
  • Should complete BDS with one year of internship that has been registered with Nepal Medical Council. Must have from one or two years of work experience for open and government sponsored candidates.

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