Pharmacy College in Nepal

 Pharmacy courses such as Bachelor of Pharmacy are running at various Colleges of Nepal approved by Tribhuvan University. Pharmacy program produces Pharmacists who can provide service at communities and hospitals, specialists in technology and research, Managers and specialists. Job holders of this field can work in public and private jobs in very pivotal areas such as regulatory control and drug Management, Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality Assurance, Academic activities, training activities and research. Pharmacy program runs at medical Colleges, teaching hospitals, Institute of Medicine at public and private institutions of Nepal.


 Some of the Best Colleges for studying Pharmacy in Nepal are Gandaki Medical College, Purbanchal University College of medical and allied Sciences, Chitwan Medical College, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Nepalgunj Medical College, Medical College Teaching hospital, Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. Pharmacy Colleges  provide a Bachelor level program in Pharmacy of four years duration with 6 weeks of implant training in the pharmaceutical industry.


How to choose Pharmacy Colleges in Nepal?


  • Know your goals:

Your goals about studying Pharmacy will be a large determinant factor to select the right pharmacy College. Do you want to work in a hospital or clinic, do you need certain facilities or requirements pre hand then explore the outcomes to best know the College you want to get in.


  • How much do you want to pay:

Always have a pre-planned budget before studying. Find out about fee structures, scholarships and placements beforehand and allocate your budget to see if things go smoothly. Don’t put your family in debt to study Pharmacy at a large cost. Seek out education loans or guarantees if you need financial backing to clear the academic program.


  • Seek connection with other degrees:

Sometimes you may need another degree with one degree. If your interest is towards the horizon of the medical profession then you may opt to study for another degree. If so, then ensure that your current degree can become a path to study or specialize in another degree. Make sure the correlation is there.


  • Find out your Campus requirement:

Campus life in the medical field is very integral. Make sure your College provides ample facilities to students so that you can go through your academic program without difficulties or adjustment issues. 


The list of Pharmacy colleges in Nepal are :

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