List of Civil Engineering Colleges in Nepal

Civil Engineering in Nepal is a professionally rewarding academic program. It provides learning as well as job opportunities for the bearers. Civil Engineers have to build common infrastructures for human civilization like building a home or a bridge, roadway construction, bridges, dams, etc. They have to take care of designing and supervising different physical structures. Nepal has some renowned academies that provide academic programs such as Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. Institute of Engineering (IOE) conducts examination for this program. The best Campuses are Institute of Engineering (Pulchowk Campus), Kathmandu University School of Engineering, Nepal Engineering College to name a few. Upon successful completion of this program the graduates can make a place in the job sector as design Engineer, site Engineer, urban designer, construction Manager, Transportation Engineer and can work in the public as well as private sector. Civil Engineers have broad understanding of construction, geotechnical, structural, and transportation after studying them as concentration subject in the program. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University provides Bachelors level academic program through several Civil Engineering Colleges of Nepal.

How to select good Civil Engineering Colleges?

Know your criteria: Often candidates have an unclear thought about where to study. You might have your own criteria about what degree it offers, location, tuition fees, campus resources, accreditation, qualified faculty, social life, and class size. We suggest you make an effort to visit few of the campuses that you have shortlisted and find out more about the facilities and accreditations.

Research your entry route: Is Civil Engineering the best option for you or are you looking for a different route professionally altogether. If you are a bit uncertain then first do a research on your entry route to your most desired career path. You can attend an open event or education fairs to verify and consider other possibilities. It will help you get into linear academic line with your desired career path at a good campus.

Seek professional consultation:You can seek a professional consultation from campus and go online to find out the voices from Civil Engineers who can tell you the traits and features of good Civil Engineering Colleges in Nepal. 

Affordability: Engineering is a comprehensive course so make sure that your University provides academic programs at an affordable cost in tuition fees and facilities such as hostel, transport, food, etc. so that your study gets an uninterrupted flow.

Academic performance: You can find the status of your desired campus by looking at their past performances which you can find from a research. This will make your choice clear about choosing the right campus for studying Civil Engineering in Nepal.