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Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal

Students have a variety of choices to study Hotel Management course at several Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal affiliated to Nepalese Universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University as well as academic institutions affiliated to foreign Universities.

Recommended Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal

Why to choose a Hospitality Program?

In the present context, the hospitality industry is the most sought-after industry and in our country the scope is very significant. Nepal being a tourism destination with activities like Mountaineering, trekking, and sightseeing, many tourists come to Nepal every year and stay in the standard hotels of our country. With quality service tourism flourishes and there are monetary benefits with foreign currencies as revenues entering Nepal. It is also a sector which pays high amounts of tax to the government of Nepal and also has re-created opportunities towards tourism in Nepal. The emerging scope and prospect in Hotel business have created a need to generate manpower which proportionately pushed the need for more good Hospitality Management Colleges in Nepal.

How to choose a good Hotel Management College in Nepal?

This degree is offered by many good academies across the country. Most of the programs are available at the undergraduate level. With growing competitions among academic institutions, academies these days thrive on providing various opportunities to students to prove themselves as the top Hotel Management schools in Nepal.

It’s a belief among students that the quality of educational institutions plays a significant role in shaping their future. This belief is a fact as well because only a good school can ensure a quality education. Therefore, students always aspire to study in good campuses in the hopes of having a bright future.

There are many things you need to consider to get yourself enrolled in a good campus. Few of them are listed below:

  • Have a look on various campus profiles, their objectives, degree possibilities, career opportunities it provides.
  • Make sure the accrediting body is valid and the program it runs is recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Make sure that the degree provides all aspects of hotel management, front-of-the-house skills and back-of-the-house skills in the course syllabus.
  • Does the academy provide opportunities on hands-on experience at the hotel industry?
  • Make sure that along with the degree it also provides attractive internship opportunities at Hotel industry during the course of study.
  • Study resources and facilities are another important factor in making a decision regarding where to study.
  • Your budget may also be a decider to choose an appropriate culinary institution for you.

The hospitality sector has contributed 2.5 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product as mentioned by the Central Bureau of Statistics. In Nepal where the tourism sector is a significant market, the areas of hospitality like accommodations, food, travel, recreation, and tours are indispensable. There are some of the best Colleges offering national and international degree programs in the hotel management field in Nepal.

Here are some of the academic degrees related to it:

BA Honors in business and hospitality Management college

The four years BA Hons. In business and hospitality Management course in Nepal is offered by Help University. It is a total of 164 credit hours of study program. It provides broad skills and knowledge of international hotel operation Management, technological applications, and large-scale services in Hotel Management

Fee Structure

Help University

NPR 849000

 Bachelor of Hotel Management

In Nepal, Bachelor of Hotel Management are offered by national and as well as international University affiliations. The Universities that are operating BHM are Tribhuvan University, Mid West, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Purbanchal Universities for four years of programs. The international BHM degrees are University of Sunderland in 3 years, Leeds Beckett University 4 years, Lincoln University College, International Teaching University of Georgia.

Fee structures:


 Total cost


Rs 350000 to Rs 480000

Purbanchal University

Rs 715000

Pokhara University

Rs 3.5  to Rs 5 Lakhs


Rs 8-12 lakhs

Sunderland University

Rs 897000

Leeds Beckett

Rs 656000

Lincoln University College

Rs 6-Rs 10 lakhs

International Teaching University of Georgia

Rs 790000

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management is generally a four-year program about tourism service operations, management, tourism marketing, tourism development, and entrepreneurship. In Nepal, this course is provided by Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Mid-Western University, Purbanchal University, and Lumbini Buddhist Universities.

The fee structures of BTTM programs for different Universities are:


Rs 300000 to Rs 400000


Rs 10 to Rs 13 lakh

 Purbanchal University

Rs 150000 to Rs 250000

Mid-Western University

Rs 8 to 12 lakh

Lumbini Buddhist University

Rs 2.5 to Rs 5 Lakh

Bachelor of International hotel and tourism Management

Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management is an international degree offering hotel management course of world class in affiliated Colleges in Nepal. The two prestigious Schools of International hotel management operating these programs are the International Management Institute IMI Switzerland and the University of Sunderland in four-year and three-year programs respectively.

The Colleges affiliated with the International Management Institute running this program are AITM College and the University of Sunderland BIHTM Colleges in Nepal are ISMT College in Gairigaun, Biratnagar. IIMS College also runs this program affiliated to Taylor’s University:

Fee Structures:

International Management Institute

Rs 9-12 lakh

University of Sunderland

Rs. 897000

Taylors University

Rs 826000 (total)

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management is a four-year program at Purbanchal University. This program provides knowledge and skills for hotel and restaurant operations, international marketing, food preparation and services, front office operations, and multicultural team handling. It is a four-year eight-semester program with industrial training also.

The college offering the Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management course is Kantipur International College in Nepal.

Fee Structure:

Purbanchal University

Rs 8-12 Lakhs

Bachelor in Professional Hospitality

Bachelor in Professional Hospitality is a four-year hospitality Management program offered by Kathmandu University. It provides an education based on an industry-focused apprenticeship method in Hotel operations. It has been accredited globally and is tailored for professional hospitality industries and competent human resources.


Kathmandu University

Rs 652000

Bachelor in International Culinary Arts:

Bachelor in International Culinary Arts is a four-year program offered by Queen Margaret University of the United Kingdom. This is a four-year program that specializes in the area of food production. It develops students professionally and academically in the hotel industry. It empowers youth to become professional chefs and bakers worldwide.

Colleges offering Bachelor in International Culinary Arts are:

  • Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management


Queen Margaret University

 Rs 801000

Master of Hotel and Hospitality Management

Master of Hotel and Hospitality Management is a two-year program affiliated with Purbanchal University. It provides a workforce in the hospitality and service sectors. This program helps to face challenges and use the knowledge and skills of high-level management positions in hospitality industries.

Colleges offering Master of Hotel and Hospitality Management:

  • Gateway College of Professional Studies
  • Kantipur International College


Purbanchal University

Rs 7-15 lakh

Offering Colleges:

  • Gateway College of International Studies
  • Kantipur International College

Diploma in Hotel Management:

It is a CTEVT course of three years duration that provides skilled and knowledgeable workforces in the hospitality industry of here and abroad. It is six semesters of study for professional knowledge and skills in the hotel and catering industry, quality assurance of services offered to customers, and successful entrepreneurs in this field.

Offering Colleges:

  • Dhaulagiri Technical School
  • Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute
  • Gate College
  • Gateway College of Professional Studies
  • Madan Ashrit Memorial College
  • Kings Hospitality College
  • Pokhara School of Tourism and Hospitality

Cost Structure:


Rs 99000 to Rs 175000

Pre diploma in Hotel Management:

Pre Diploma in Hotel Management is a year six months program of CTEVT. This program produced entry-level human resources in the hospitality industry. It focuses on practical classes and assistant-level technical staff to meet hotel management workforce demand.

Offering Colleges:

  • Mid Valley Technical College
  • Dhaulagiri Technical School
  • Pokhara Technical School

Cost Structure:


Rs 15000 to Rs 55000

Pre-Diploma in Culinary Art:

Pre-Diploma in Culinary Art is a year six-month program of the Council of Technical Education and professional training. It provides core skills and techniques in food production and also cooking and computer application techniques and students learn skills of oriental and continental cooking styles.

Offering Colleges:

  • Pokhara Technical School Kaski
  • Dhaulagiri Technical School

Cost structure:


Rs 215000

Master of Hospitality Management:

Master of Hospitality Management is a two-year program affiliated with Purbanchal University and also from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. It provides in-depth knowledge of hospitality management in areas of operations, finance management, human resource management, marketing, strategic management, and leadership.

Offering Colleges are:

  •  Kantipur International College
  •  Gateway College of Professional Studies
  •  NATHM

Cost structure:

Purbanchal University

Rs 6 Lakh

Tribhuvan University

Rs 2-5 lakh

Career and Scope:

Hotel Management career is a rewarding career for those who start to work after their education and training in this field. It provides skilled and qualified manpower, the right attitude, and a sense of service to look after guests and treat them with high-quality care and rejuvenation.

Some of the job positions are:

  • Front Office Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Event Manager
  • Finance and Operations Manager

Career scope from hospitality management courses is at hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants, travel and tourism sector, and government sector in airlines, railways, cruises, tourism development corporations, etc. Apart from that hospitality Management course is suitable to make a career out of leisure in formal and informal positions such as Wedding planner, banquet manager, VIP service Manager, Wellness area Manager, Sports Event Manager, Wellness Manager, Housekeeping Manager, etc.