Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal

Students have a variety of choices to study Hotel Management course at several Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal affiliated to Nepalese Universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University as well as academic institutions affiliated to foreign Universities.

Recommended Hotel Management Colleges in Nepal

Why to choose a Hospitality Program?

In the present context, the hospitality industry is the most sought-after industry and in our country the scope is very significant. Nepal being a tourism destination with activities like Mountaineering, trekking, and sightseeing, many tourists come to Nepal every year and stay in the standard hotels of our country. With quality service tourism flourishes and there are monetary benefits with foreign currencies as revenues entering Nepal. It is also a sector which pays high amounts of tax to the government of Nepal and also has re-created opportunities towards tourism in Nepal. The emerging scope and prospect in Hotel business have created a need to generate manpower which proportionately pushed the need for more good Hospitality Management Colleges in Nepal.

How to choose a good Hotel Management College in Nepal?

This degree is offered by many good academies across the country. Most of the programs are available at the undergraduate level. With growing competitions among academic institutions, academies these days thrive on providing various opportunities to students to prove themselves as the top Hotel Management schools in Nepal.

It’s a belief among students that the quality of educational institutions plays a significant role in shaping their future. This belief is a fact as well because only a good school can ensure a quality education. Therefore, students always aspire to study in good campuses in the hopes of having a bright future.

There are many things you need to consider to get yourself enrolled in a good campus. Few of them are listed below:

  • Have a look on various campus profiles, their objectives, degree possibilities, career opportunities it provides.
  • Make sure the accrediting body is valid and the program it runs is recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Make sure that the degree provides all aspects of hotel management, front-of-the-house skills and back-of-the-house skills in the course syllabus.
  • Does the academy provide opportunities on hands-on experience at the hotel industry?
  • Make sure that along with the degree it also provides attractive internship opportunities at Hotel industry during the course of study.
  • Study resources and facilities are another important factor in making a decision regarding where to study.
  • Your budget may also be a decider to choose an appropriate culinary institution for you.


Campuses run Hotel Management degree under different names; it differs according to the universities they are affiliated to. Some variants of the degree name are:

  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in International Hospitality
  • Bachelor in Hotel and Catering Management
  • Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Apart from these courses, student wishing to study Hotel Management degree can pursue certificate level known as Diploma in Hotel Management.

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