Engineering Colleges in Nepal

A large part of Nepal's economic development has to do with physical infrastructures. Roads, buildings, tunnels, pipelines, dams, vehicles, bridges are all possible due to well-crafted plans of capable Engineers. This field is largely linked to the public sector and is also relevant in private sectors. It combines subjects like science, mathematics, economics, and finance to use the resources and integrate them to produce the output which ultimately benefits the nation. Government allocates billions of budget for the development of economic sector and uses the money to build the necessary infrastructures for the people of the country. And in order to carry out the planned developmental activities, there is a need for educated and capable human resources. For this purpose, Public Service Commission opens hundreds of vacancy for engineers in a yearly basis. If the graduates do not wish to take the job in public sector then, they can also get jobs in private engineering firms or even open their own firm.

This field of study is not only scientific but also diverse. It has been divided into major branches, namely, Computer, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering. Nepal has reputed campuses and Universities that provide the Engineering degrees. Almost over 50 educational academies in Nepal offer Engineering programs in affiliation to different Universities of Nepal as well as abroad. Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, and Tribhuvan University runs graduate and postgraduate programs. In addition to these, there are other Universities in the far-western region of Nepal that also imparts Engineering studies to the students of their region. And they are Far-Western University, and Mid-Western University. Students completing Plus2/PCL with a science background can opt to study Bachelors level in Engineering. 

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