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Nursing College in Nepal

Nursing is a medical profession adopted by female groups in Nepal. It is a Noble profession in the health care service where patients are provided health services with timely medications under the Doctor's observation by the nurses in Hospitals and clinics. It is easily accessible and widely in demand today. Most of the nurses have attained Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) or B.Sc. Nursing, which is a four years academic program and is affiliated to either Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University in Nepal. The first session starts from the month of November. Nursing degree is a saleable degree as it offers careers as Nurse Midwife, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Educator, and Nurse Practitioner in teaching hospitals.Nursing college in Nepal provides the complete practical and theoritical knowledege for students.

Points to consider while choosing a Nursing Colleges in Nepal

Approval and accreditation

Approval and accreditation means that the program has been reviewed and approved by experts in this field.

Hospital Attachment for clinical practice

Be informed that your nursing campus should have a hospital that provides teaching and training to the nurses. Before going to treat and care for patients, the nurses should learn by practicing in real hospitals or clinics.

Hostel Facility

When you are studying nursing and get involved with clinical placements the hostel facility provides accommodations and this enables hospitals to control and manage students for the purpose of discipline and education.


In different areas of nursing there should be a faculty with one clinical tutor for providing practical classes to the students.

Lab Facilities

Your nursing campus must have well equipped and maintained labs. Campuses normally have separate labs such as Anatomy labs, Nutrition lab, community lab, skill demonstration lab, maternity and pediatric labs, etc.


Some of the list of top Nursing colleges in Nepal are: