JavaScript Programming Course

JavaScript is one of the most practiced programming languages today. Every young IT enthusiast is eager to learn in order to pursue his professional career.

It is basically used to create web pages or interactive web applications for users around the world. Not just that, programmers can use this programming language in back-end development, gaming, or mobile applications.

Overview of JavaScript Programming Course

While learning a JavaScript programming course, it is essential for beginners to gain some HTML or CSS knowledge. Also, they have to choose a basic Object-Oriented program so that they will upgrade to advance.

If you are an IT enthusiast, then you can select JavaScript course which offers a good learning scope. Meanwhile, this programming language emphasizes upon developing websites and adopting modern web engineering concepts.

General Information about JavaScript Programming Course

JavaScript programming course is prepared in such a way which assists programmers in dealing with the current web applications issues. Moreover, beginners always start practicing its fundamentals.

Programmers will get to practice by using computer programs such as Mongoose or MongoDB. Furthermore, it will get easier to create web pages with accessible grid layouts while using the backend JavaScript latest version, ES13 which features new class elements, static block inside classes, etc.

After performing front-end JavaScript, software developers will learn Mongoose/MongoDB as well as a backend framework. Also, it provides a program to run in the backend smoothly which supports ExpressJS to formulate APIs at the same time.

JavaScript course requires object-based TypeScript to tackle compatibility issues. Likewise, it compiles with ES13 code which eliminates the congenial issues.

TypeScript assembles ES13 and removes the accordant issues in plain JavaScript. Similarly, it assists programmers in writing code in an Object-Oriented program which is the same as C# and Java.

After learning TypeScript, beginners will learn about the API calling tool, Postman. Later, developers have to cross-check the frontend and backend APIs one by one to enhance the application performance.

Henceforth, API calling tools are comparatively important in the JavaScript programming language. Developers then find interesting details regarding SQL and PostgreSQL and integrate them with NodeJS. So, it is one of the popular relational database management systems.

Functions of JavaScript Programming Course

The JavaScript programming course begins with its basic fundamental functions. First of all, beginners will implement the practical examples of the program like form validations, as well as event calls on HTML elements which are demonstrated at the time of coursework.

Here are some functions of the JavaScript course:

  • To write code clearly, concisely, and easily maintained.
  • To create accessible web pages or applications.
  • To operate the HTML DOM for JavaScipt use.
  • To forge JavaScript modules for reuse.
  • To implement asynchronous HTTP requests.
  • To comply with JavaScript on the server side, using Node.js.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, a good JavaScript programming course also gives insights into soft skills like problem-solving, efficient work, communication, and fixing debugging or code.

Developers will practice creating 2D/3D animations on web page designs using JQuery rotators and sliders. After obtaining some skills to display programs for websites, they will also experience using several tools and gadgets, frameworks which are related to JavaScript.

Objectives of JavaScript Programming Course

JavaScript course is a style of programming that focuses on coding that is clear, concise, and easy to maintain. So, here are some important objectives regarding the curriculum such as:

  • Design and customize web browsing experience as per customer or buyer needs.
  • Adding valid pop-ups, developing applications or widgets, etc., to the website.
  • Validating user ID inputs via HTML formats.
  • Writing a software program triggering current events or affairs on user input and output.

It is a good choice for developing big and compatible web applications. Likewise, it is also important for desktop, gadget, and back-end applications.

Career and Scope of JavaScript Programming Course

Learning JavaScript programming courses might become the best decision for many growing IT students in Nepal. After gaining the core knowledge and understanding of the coding language, they can pursue their career as a web developer or designer.

Many software companies or IT industries are looking for well-trained and experienced programmers in order to hire. Nevertheless, these days, everyone is using different javascript coding structures for developing the front end: Angular, Ember, Backbone, and more.

For example, Node.js is one of the noteworthy JavaScript frameworks for back-end coding. Likewise, it will be adding immense potential and empowerment to many students’ successful future.

Eligibility Criteria of JavaScript Programming Course

As of now, there are no such formal eligibility criteria for learning a JavaScript programming course. Nonetheless, enthusiastic IT students should have some basic knowledge of coding concepts: variables, data types, functions, loops, and conditional statements.

Basic level developers should have a good understanding of HTML/CSS programming language. Also, those who are interested in full-stack JavaScript developing must have general knowledge about Object-Oriented patterns.

Prerequisites for Learning JavaScript Programming Course

Once again, there are some prerequisites for learning JavaScript programming course, HTML, and CSS, which are essential before practicing. For those who are unknown about the basic knowledge should begin to learn the coding language.

In addition to HTML and CSS, if students have a great understanding or experience in the IT field, then it will definitely make an easy way to pursue the course.

Not just that, if they do not have enough experience in the IT field, consider enrolling in the programming fundamental class earlier joining the JavaScript course.

JavaScript Programming Course Features

JavaScript is one of the eminent, inferred programming languages used in different parts of the world. It is generally used for reducing client workload and easy server development.

It has some important features that make it a more powerful and versatile programming language among others. Moreover, the key points of the JavaScript course include:

  • Asynchronous Programming: 
    JavaScript mainly supports asynchronous programming that can execute multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Arrow Functions:
    It is a concise way to write down JavaScript functions in chronological order.
  • Spread Syntax:
    It is another feature that extracts output from input objects and arrays in a compressed format.
  • Object-oriented:
    JavaScript is written in an object-oriented pattern which assists the basic concepts of classes, objects, and inheritance. Also, it makes the coding language more easy and reusable.
  • Event-driven:
    It responds to ongoing events such as clicking the mouse, pressing the keyboard, and submitting forms to the central processor. That’s why it is more interactive and responsive towards the interpreter.

Many JavaScript developers create various web applications as per their clients’ needs. So, it is a good choice for beginners and advanced-level programmers to have knowledge about this programming language course.

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