Medical College in Nepal

Medical Colleges in Nepal are the academic institutions that provides medical studies such as MBBS, B.Sc. Nursing, MD/MS in Psychiatry, Microbiology, Pathology, community medicine, Physiology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, ophthalmology, anesthesia, anatomy, pharmacology, Forensic medicine and Biochemistry and Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Apart from teaching, these campuses are involved with activities such as teacher training, drug and therapeutic committee and social philanthropic works also. They are well supported by a well-managed library, lecture halls, amenities, hostels and recreation, transport, security for complete education.

In Nepal, Medical degree are offered by TU, KU along with Pokhara and Purbanchal University. Few Medical colleges in Nepal also have a teaching hospital who admit patients and give them treatments. These educational institutions also have their profile and educational services registered in a well-documented website of their own. Most of these campuses have been accredited with Nepal Medical Council and also have a quota for the foreign students. Besides Bachelors, some of them offer post graduate courses such as Masters in Basic Medical Science, Post-graduation in clinical science. Undergraduate nursing and para medical courses are also running in the Medical Colleges in Nepal. 


From its infrastructure: Infrastructure is an essential factor for selecting a good medical College. It also includes pieces of equipment available, facilities and resources for medical studies from its various programs.

Teaching methods: Follow their teaching methods as you need to read their entry requirements and course structure, their teaching styles and history. Also, go through testimonials of previous graduates and post graduates of medical science and know how their journey was by contacting them.

Geographic location and proximity is another essential factor: If you are migrating to some place to study Medicine you also need to consider where your hostel accommodations will be, whether it is near or far from the main building. You need to assess the time it takes to reach your study area from your hostel so that there won't be unnecessary loss of time. 

Fees and scholarships: Some institutions charge comparatively higher fees than others. So it is advisable to track your budget and choose medical college pragmatically by going over it in detail, finding the next best alternative, shortlisting to apply, and enroll in the right one.

Some of the Medical Colleges in Nepal are: