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List of +2 Science Colleges in Nepal

List of +2 Science Colleges in Nepal, Top Plus 2 Science College

Plus 2 Science Colleges in Nepal

In Nepal, higher education is a crucial stage for school-level SEE graduates. Luckily in the past few years, we have seen a lot of academic institutions in Nepal that are emphasizing the Plus 2 level academic program. For Science students Plus 2 offers integrated packages of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics which makes them eligible for advanced courses in Medical, Engineering, Information technology, biotechnology. Grade 11 is the first step of higher education that you need to take for being eligible for these advanced courses. In order to get admission in grade 11, you need to score a minimum of 2.0 GPA in SEE.

Nepal sees some very good Plus 2 Science colleges that have stood out from the rest based on the academic performance of their students in the final exam of HSEB. Some of the renowned academies offering Plus 2 Science are located in Kathmandu as well as in other cities like Biratnagar, Chitwan, Butwal, etc. They provide extracurricular activities, practical lessons in labs, research work, and group discussions besides classroom lecturers and exams.

How to choose Plus 2 Science College?

The very first question that you need to ask before choosing a higher school for your Plus 2 Science study is whether or not the program is directed by National Examination Board of Nepal. After that you can evaluate the educational academies on the basis of following criteria:

Fee structure:

Most of the Campuses provide Plus 2 Science program at competitive prices. Make sure that you enroll in one that is reasonable to you based on cost.


Higher schools offering Plus 2 Science course must incorporate practical study and training in the teaching pedagogy. So you need to make sure your campus has well-created labs, spacious classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, etc. to facilitate your learning.


Make sure that the faculty of teachers of Plus 2 Science department are supportive and ready to help you with your education and prepare you for exams, researches, and discussions about the subject matter even from visiting faculty.

Criteria of admission:

Some educational institutions have more criteria besides previous academic records. Contact your desired Plus 2 Science campus and ask queries to find out how to prepare for successful enrollment.