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Humanities College in Nepal

Recently, in the academic forefront, Tribhuvan University the oldest University started Humanities study in Nepal with a four years Bachelor’s degree program in Humanities. It is an interdisciplinary subject that combines Sociology, Psychology, Economics, and other subjects within the mainstream.Humanities is available in many colleges under the affiliation of TU. Kathmandu University School of Arts has been providing Humanities studies in Nepal with Bachelor in Community Development program. Humanities is a four years undergraduate level program designed to cater to Human Resources required for the community. Humanities in nepal cover a wide spectrum of Humanities such as social issues, development, environment, economy, equity, health, population, conflict, poverty, and disaster.



Eligibility for Bachelor level program for Humanities

Students must have secured D+ in all subjects at grade 11 and 12 or must have completed intermediate level in Science, Management, or Humanities stream. They must have passed the Major English subject.


Career Prospects For Humanities

Humanities study in Nepal has diverse career prospects for graduates in this field. Since they are great communicators, writers, understand arts, religion, culture, and people extensively the career paths suitable in this field of study are Teacher/Lecturer, Advertising sales agent, Technical Writer, Artist, Travel Agent, Public Relationship Manager, Lawyer, Editor, Advertising Manager, Marketing Director, Program Coordinator, Journalist, Linguistic, Foreign Correspondents.


Some of the list of Colleges of Humanities in Nepal are as follows :