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Most of the businesses that run today have the Information Technology backing them up. Understanding technology and the systems on which they run can be a solid resource to provide services to the customers and also seek innovative ways of doing things in the modern era. Most people and organizations today are technology driven by corporate houses, e-commerce, logistics, inland revenues, marketing, supply chain Management, Insurances, travel and hospitality, Colleges and Schools have valuable databases on which the Managers and Leaders base their decisions upon. By using technology, they can not only be able to operate and provide their timely service but also, they can store and use data, detect and repair the problems of day to day business operations by the usage of Information Technology. Information Technology studies provides you the opportunity to design, develop and manage the complex and crucial computer-based information system which the world depends upon. Even in pandemics like COVID-19 the business houses and industries are operating largely through virtual links and processing with Information Technology to connect with their customers and business partners. Nepal is one of the hubs of Information Technology for trade and commerce. So, the study of Information Technology Management becomes imperative. Universities are providing graduate and postgraduate programs in the study of Information Technology. This creates a well-educated and trained manpower to work in the various Information Technology departments which is largely laid out in computerized and digital platforms. Some of the significant bachelorís level programs are Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor IN Computer Engineering (BE), Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS), BSc. CSIT(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology), BBIS (Bachelor of Business Information Systems), Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT), BSc. Hons in Computer Science and Software. There are some IT Training centers that provide various specialized knowledge of Information Technology such as hardware, software, networking, programming languages, designing courses, certification courses, content Management system courses also. Main Universities of Nepal such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University have Information technology programs for graduate level and post graduate level.

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