List of Science College in Nepal

Science Colleges are quintessential for pursuing Science studies. In Nepal there are many public and private academic institutions running Plus 2, Bachelor and Master program in Science stream tied up with different Universities of Nepal. Science stream is very deep and the branches are diverse.

Some of the popular courses offered by Science college in Nepal are Bachelor of Science in Physics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Botany, Statistics, Zoology, Environment Science and Mathematics. These programs are offered by National Universities through their constituent campuses and affiliated colleges.

Some of the local academies and oldest campuses like Amrit Science Campus, Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus, Patan Multiple Campus, St. Xavier’s, Butwal Multiple Campus, Mahendra Multiple Campus are providing quality education in Science faculty in Nepal. They use various tools to provide knowledge to the undergraduates. Graduates of this field can work at government and private organizations, and NGOs with an attractive remuneration. Some of the graduates carry out research and do ground-breaking discovery with their conceptual knowledge of Science.

How to choose a good Science College in Nepal?

Understand what jobs the science degrees lead into:

It is very important to understand what jobs are performed by students of Science from their chosen field of study and researches. Chemistry graduates can have a career in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, and health care. Biology majors can have a career in agriculture, environment conservation, bio-medicine, and microbiology. Physics majors can have careers in automotive, aerospace and defense, computing, health care, and communications.

Advanced degree opportunities:

Does your academic program allow you to continue your further study or carry research in a specialized field? Does it help you become as professional as Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Industry experts, and Health Care experts? Find that out and if the degree’s outcome and your career choice doesn’t align then it may not be that substantial to join a Science college.

Good infrastructures and faculty members:

Your Science college should hold the reputation for providing students with all the amenities for dynamic learning. Well-spaced AV classrooms, updated labs, hostels, cafeteria, transportation are the basic facilities that must be provided so that you can continue your academic program smoothly. Your teachers and academicians should be available and lend support whenever you have problems on certain things. They must be well prepared to give you holistic learning at an affordable cost.

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