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Business Management is one of the most sought after education programs in Nepal. Though the foundation of business faculty are established in Plus 2 level, this area of study is more concentrated and specialized in Bachelor and Master Level. Nepal has some fine public and private business schools which are of international standards. In Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara, Purbanchal and Kathmandu Universities are providing business programs like BBA, BBS, BBM, MBS, and MBA through central campus, constituent campus as well as through various affiliated academic institutions.

Nepal even has few educational institutions which are considered as top business college in the Southeast Asian countries. Some are nationally accredited while few also have international accreditations. Bachelors programs in Business are generally four years programs and Masters levels are generally of two years; some master degree are running on trimester system and such degree can be of one and half years. Bachelors in Business are comprehensive four years academic program with a theoretical and practical knowledge of business management concepts. They are in a semester wise academic system to prepare graduates of Business Administration and Business Management to fit in mid-level Managerial job positions at government and private companies of Nepal.

How to choose a good Business College?

Today, you have several choice of business college for pursuing a business degree in Nepal. With emerging educational institutions at different locations and Universities running full-fledged program in Bachelors and Masters Level, it is up to you to go after the business academies that meets your needs.

Flexibility: Make sure that your business college offers programs that require less on-campus time and provides part time studies and facility of distance learning as well.

Inspiring faculty: The faculties are your lifeline. They not only teach and evaluate your academic performance but also help you to approach problems or dilemmas by offering helpful advices. They give you more resources that can support your educational needs.

Student support: Your business college should provide a holistic learning by assisting you and helping you with the requirements from academic curriculum, classroom instructions, facilities and services, etc. so that you can decide whether or not to get admitted in their business program. Keep doors and windows open and always look out for a smooth learning environment on Campus.

Choice of subjects or specialization: Your academic field gets very specialized and career focused as you move on towards the final years of your business degree. You might want to do major in marketing, finance, banking and insurance, human resource, or project management. You need to actively seek out on the curriculum and find out whether the subjects of your choice will be offered in that particular academy or not. You need to make sure you will graduate with a specialization in one of your endeavors. 

Affordability: Private academies are relatively more expensive than publics. However, never judge a book by its cover. Look out for the perks that you will get which you may not find in other business college. Investigate but be logical about your finances; you cannot go to study in a campus which is very expensive and blows off your budget. Compare and select prudently.

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